Stuck on You Personalized Labels and Gifts

This post was sponsored by the one and only Stuck On You ® Labels.
August makes me think of one thing, back to school. This is like my half year, spring cleaning where I start the school year off right with organized pencils, markers, and pretty labels on everything. Also, Jaime and I both have husbands that drive us mad writing on the kids gear with sharpies. Now we have cute labels that we can either iron or stick on! Thank you, Stuck on You

When it comes to choosing labels, stick with the original. Stuck On You ® labels have been trusted by Moms for over 17 years. Stuck On You ® Labels have every label you are likely to need including name labels, iron on clothing labels, stick on clothing labels, shoe labels, sock labels, mini labels, shaped labels and more. Featuring original funky colors and cool designs loved by kids, choose your favourite and create your personalized labels online before you buy.

They even carry shopping lists to make sure you keep track of the most important things in life, like shampoo, dentist appointments and champagne.

Keep reading to get a peek at Quinn sporting her new personalized jammies and to learn more about the back to school lifesaver, Stuck On You ® Labels

Quinn was head over heels for her new jammies, complete with the cutest owl and her own name! She makes sure everyone knows they are just for her. Speaking of the cute designs, that is one thing that is extra special about Stuck On You ® Labels, they really stand out. So when lunch boxes are piled in the classroom or jackets tossed into a closet, your kids can easily find which one is theirs.

Since Stuck On You ® Labels are all about durability they won’t fall apart when they are run through the dishwasher or washing machine. Their scratch-resistant surface will ensure that they keep their pretty look even after being taken to the playground.

It doesn’t stop there! Stuck On You ® have delicious personalized kids lunchboxes, gorgeous drink bottles and backpacks for school. All backpacks and lunchboxes are made from quality canvas and the lunchboxes are insulated to keep lunches cool. Stuck On You ® Drink Bottles are stainless steel and BPA free.

This post was sponsored by the one and only Stuck On You ® Labels.




The girls are crazy for their Stuck On You personalized gear. I had to hide the labels so they would use them all at once!


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