Super Last Minute Christmas Stocking

So… are you still holding out hope that you will finish that last Christmas stocking? The stocking for the now 20-month-old who will remain nameless (sorry Quinn,) going on their second Christmas without one? Jaime gave you one great last minute stocking solution. Here’s another. I whipped this one up on Christmas Eve a few years back, before I had sewn a lick, so I know it can be done. Just cut your stocking shape out of a double layer of felt, stitch around the edge and embellish with felt shapes and trim. Mine are just glued right on there and have stayed through multiple holiday seasons and household moves! Sew on a ribbon for hanging. Super easy!

Keep your design basic. It will make the project quick and look stylish and modern… triangle pine trees… Christmas lights or mittens connected with a string of sequins… a snowman… or even just some stars! Trace a cookie cutter and blow up the shape, or use clip-art for reference!

Go super momma! GO GO GO!




So cute! My wonderful sister made my husband and me quilted and embroidered stockings a few years ago. After I had my first child, she sent 2 more: one with his name embroidered on and one "just in case there is another baby later". We said we wouldn't need it because we were just having the one. Well a couple years later we not only needed that extra one, but another-TWINS!


I love this stocking! Where did you find your reindeer head template for the felt cut out? Can you please share here? Thanks.


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