Superbowl Party Decor: How to Make Tissue Pom Poms

With the Super Bowl coming, here is a fun way to root for your team with very little time, money and effort. Make a bunch of tissue pom poms like I did for Gordon’s Football 1st Birthday and scatter them around to show some spirit.

Read on to learn how to make simple tissue pom poms and then stay tuned to learn how to make a football jersey cake.

1. Keep your tissue folded and pull it out of the package. Cut 1.5″ strips across. I used brown and white but any color will do.

2. Open up the strips

3. Pick the strips up loosely, a few at a time, and lightly crumple to give volume.

4. Let the strips hang down and fold them all in half.

5. Then find the center and pinch.

6. Cut through the loop you have created with scissors.

7. Wrap and secure the center of the pom with floral(optional)  wire and twist tightly.

8. Puff up your pom and trim the ends if needed (I prefer them a little more wild) and cheer your team to victory… assuming your team is the Patriots, of course.



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