Sweets We Love: Sprinkles


I tend to believe that sprinkles are glitter’s less annoying, more delicious cousins. They work with any holiday or party since the options are endless. Spruce up a store-bought ice cream sandwich with a quick roll. Snack on marshmallow pops while the birthday girl opens her monogrammed present.

Create a sprinkled ornament garland to decorate your mantel. Use them to stripe a cake, because no party is complete without something striped. I love the idea of embellishing a sugar cube to add to my tea while I watch Downton Abbey.

Coat the rim of your glass, salt can’t be the only one having fun. Decorate Easter eggs with a little sprinkle for spring decor. Make chewing your nails a little more appetizing with a sprinkled manicure. Enjoy your cone a little more with sprinkles. Heck, go crazy and douse the ice cream in sprinkles too.

There are no rules, just eat more sugar.


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How much did my daughter pay you to write this post? 😉 She would be the happiest little 3 year old around if I incorporated more sprinkles into our lives!


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