Tammis Keefe Quilted Christmas Wall Hangings

A few weeks ago I asked you what I should do with these lovely panels of Tammis Keefe Christmas fabric. You had amazing ideas from advent calendars to pillows to artwork. In the end, I made these quick little quilts for the mantle.

I’m pretty nostalgic when it comes to Christmas decorations. I put everything out and don’t really have a color theme. I just love seeing all those memorable items year after year. I do appreciate how these panels coordinate with the colors in my living room. That Tammis had great taste!

Here’s what I did…

First I layered a panel(10×20″) over a rectangle of thick, dense batting (14×24″)and placed them on top of a layer of coordinating cotton(wrong side up) (20×30″.) I used some out-of-stock Joel Dewberry but this or this would be lovely!

Pin all three layers together well. Lower your feed dogs, and using your free motion quilting foot, quilt loosely around the design. Feel free to get creative using decorative threads and patterns.

I kept it simple and just outlined the tree and angels with matching thread.

Fold up the bottom edge approximately 1″ so that when you fold it up over the panel it overlaps by at least 1/4″

Use a ruler to ensure that your borders/binding are even and straight.

Repeat the previous step on the left and right side.

Unfold the left and right side and fold up the corners as shown here.

Then refold the flaps over to create mitered corners. Make any necessary adjustments for alignment. Pin in place.

Repeat at the top.

Using a walking foot, sew along the very edge of the binding all the way around. If you are feeling heirloom-y, you could do it bu hand with a blind stitch. The machine stitch looks fine though.

When you get to a corner, leave the needle down, raise the foot and pivot 90 degrees.

As usual, start and end with a few front and back stitches to secure.

At each corner, sew from the inside to the outside corner to secure the mitered corner.

Now you have some sweet little quilts that you could use on tabletops but we want to use ours as vertical artwork. I did this by adding felt corners on the back. Sew them on by hand, it’s worth the time. I didn’t and will probably redo (ha, slim chance) No but really, you should totally hand sew them.

Then I simply cut foam core to size and hung my quilt on there. If I ever want to hang them on the wall, I can just slide a small rod in the pockets and hang it from that.

It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas up in here. How is your place coming?



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Hey…I like too christmas decoration every year. I’m surprised how your these panels coordinate with colors in the room. Fabric used for these panels is also very nice.


Too cute! And off topic, but I have the same light fixture in my dining room. đŸ™‚

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