Tasty Test: Our Favorite Way to Explore New Foods with Kids

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It can be difficult to get the smalls on board with trying new foods, their tiny taste buds seem drawn to the familiar. With 11 years of challenging picky eaters between us, Jaime and I have developed a few tricks and tips to get kids excited about adventurous eating. Here are a few of our favorites. On a wise friend’s advice, Jaime implemented the “No Thank You” bite, where tiny Scarlet was required to politely try a food before shooting it down.Tasty test

We have also both seen our kids respond well to planting, growing (and then eating) their own food. Along these same lines, my kids love to be given the chance to select their own fruits and veggies. This can mean a leisurely trip to the farmer’s market or a quick stop in the produce aisle. Basically anything that makes them feel like they have well-guided choices in their eating, typically results in wise decisions and culinary adventure.

marzetti tasty test

tasty testInspired by my kids love of power and judgment (I kid) I came up with the Tasty Test. It turns trying new foods into fun. Check out our new video (at the top of this post!) for the details on how to use our free printable tasty test to create a culinary experience for your kids. Despite their funny faces when trying Kiwano Melon and fresh figs, my kids beg to do this over and over.

Marzetti Tast Test

Inspired by Marzetti® Fruit Dips, we added a new layer of food experimenting and tried some new fruits with a touch of Caramel, Chocolate and, my favorite, Marzetti® Cream Cheese Fruit Dip which (no exaggeration) makes fruit taste like the cheese cake version of itself. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this more indulgent version of the Tasty Test would make a lovely family dessert for all of your sweeathearts.

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What a fun way to encourage children to experiment and explore new foods. I love how the authors use creative strategies like “Thank You Notes,” growing homemade food, and “Taste Tests” to keep kids interested.


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