The Blender Basics: Delicious Treats and a Quick Cleaning Tip

It’s been a week of Blendtec Blender goodness. Here are all the delicious treats we’ve made and a quick cleaning tip…

Sweet and delicious Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream, you are just three ingredients and the push of a button away from a refreshingly delicious summer treat.

Find the basic ingredients to make killer smoothies in a blender, and the complete Cantaloupe Cucumber Smoothie Recipe, here. It’s an incredible way to start your morning and a great on-the-go breakfast.

And Jacinda’s delicious Raspberry Rose Ice Cream Pops from today.

This Cleaning Tip will make maintaing and using your blender easy and effortless.




Wow, the photos are mouth-watering. Especially the ice cream pops. Would you say Blendtec is better than Vitamix blenders?


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