The Circus, Beehives, and Cowgirls: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Where I was last week: BLOGHER 12! Woo! My new friend Marcy has a write up and a few pictures from our long weekend in New York City and what I lovingly called Spanxapalooza, on her blog The Glamourous Life Association.

Thing I enjoyed reading: This article on Jezebel about Nail Art, and how it is a distinctly and awesomely feminine art form.

Embroidery patterns of the week: Anna Maria Horner Machine Embroidery Designs! Gah!! Want!

And here’s me giving a mini beehive a try. Tutorial found here:

What we were cooking this week: Grilled pizza. It’s our summer favorite. Scarlet loves to assemble it, we love to grill it and eat it. Get our easiest pizza sauce recipe and tutorial here.

Fabric I’m in love with: I spent a day making 27 cowgirl bandanas for my little niecey’s 3rd birthday party. I ordered a bunch of Fabricworm Custom Bundles – this is “pocket full of posies.” Each pattern is cuter than the last!


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Is it bad that I want to keep all of those bandanas for myself? They are too pretty! Thank you for making them. You’re the best SIL!


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