The Easiest Valentines Day Treat

I wanted to whip together a quick Valentines Day treat for Scarlet’s school party and card exchange. And since next week is looking like a busy one, I wanted to create something I could make now that would last until then. So I went with Powdered Sugar Party Mix! Making this is pretty much the easiest thing you will ever do in your kitchen, and it’s crazy delicious.

I’ll show you how to make powdered sugar party mix and how I packaged it up. Get the full scoop on The Easiest Valentine’s Day Treat after the jump…

The Easiest Valentine’s Day Treat: Powdered Sugar Party Mix
I’ve also heard this referred to as “puppy chow,” but that’s just disgusting.

You’ll need some powdered sugar and some plain chex mix. You could also just use pretzels, nuts, whatever you have on hand to make your own mix.

So you want to sift your powdered sugar if you bought the organic kind like me. Never again! It’s so glumpy! And really, it’s sugar… i mean, if you are going organic, is sugar the first thing on your list? So rocky…

So I sifted that sugar into a nice powder.

Throw a cup or two in a ziploc bag, depending on how much party mix you have. You can always add more later so don’t stress it.

Put your party mix in a bowl and use your hand to sprinkle with water and toss it around to distribute the water. You don’t want it to be soaked, just slightly wet.

Now throw the party mix in the bag with the powdered sugar.

Seal and shake it around until all the mix is covered in a delicious, unhealthy, sugary coating of goodness.

Take it out, serve yourself some.

If there’s anything left, put it into little cello bags. Or you could make some of Jacinda’s bean pods to package it in, that would be SO CUTE!

Make your tag in whatever way you desire. I used the Silhouette Digital Cutting Machine, as I showed you in this video.

Tie with yarn. Done!



Taylor {Sew Much Love}

Yeah we call in "white trash" in Georgia! I remember one of the team moms told our cheerleading squad that she brought us "white trash". I wasn't sure what to expect! I was relieved when it was just food, especially when it was covered in powdered sugar!

Macki West

It's even better if you use chocolate instead of water. As for white trash, they sell this (with chocolate) at Henri Bendel and call it trash and sell it in a trash bin!


"Puppy Chow" up here in Michigan is the peanut butter and chocolate variety like Fristmatekate's recipe above. It's like crack. Soooo addictive.


I haven't tried it your way. I always did the puppy chow with pb/chocolate like the other commenters mentioned. I imagine your way is really good and fewer calories too. This is on my kindergarten valentine party list now. Thanks!


Came across this post on Pinterest. Yes, I know this post is about 4 years old, but I would still like to inform you that this is indeed not Puppy Chow. For one, I would be more embarrassed to present “White Trash” to someone than I would puppt chow. The snack is meant for children, this the odd name. Secondly, puppy chow is not just powdered sugar on some chex mix. Puppt chow is melted down chocolate, mix some peanut butter into it, and then mix the Chex cereal into the mixture. Lastly, you cover the snack in powdered sugar. Makes the best treat and it’s simple and fast.


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