The Instant Playdate with a Side of Fries

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s. My opinions are my own, especially my opinion that they have the best French Fries, because they totally do.
Mcdonalds playdateClose your eyes and envision this scenario with me.  It’s a random Monday afternoon and you have work to do, yet you are home with your:
A. One
B. Three
C. Six small children.

They are screaming because:
A. They are sick of looking at each other.
B. You are ignoring them because you are trying to get work done.
C. It’s just what kids do.

You wish you could:
A. Send them out to the street to play with the neighborhood kids.
B. Forget your deadline and go to the playground.
C. Hide in the corner of a dark bathroom.

But you can’t because:
A. It’s not 1973 so people will call the cops.
B. Baby needs a new pair of shoes and it’s raining/106 degrees out.
C. They’ve figured out all your hiding places.

How will you accomplish anything other than making it through the day unscathed? As a work-from-home mama, I get it: It’s impossible. Or so it seems. Let me tell you one of my secrets, don’t even try to laugh at me because I am here to help.

Mcdonalds playdate

I have a big workshop coming up, and also did I mention I have three kids? I needed to make a sample for a post about the craft we will be doing at the event, and despite my lack of help I was able to get it done. What’s that you see in the background? Yeah, you recognize it. It’s a McDonald’s restaurant. y’all always ask me how I manage to do it all; well here is my answer. I get creative.


As a work-from-home mama, I often find myself in some variation of this scenario and sometimes a trip to McDonalds is a great solution. It is also my kid’s favorite of all my solutions.
Mcdonalds playdate

On a moments notice, McDonalds provides a safe indoor play space (Goodbye Texas heat!) for my kids to find a few new friends and romp around. I can sip a great iced coffee and have a Snack Wrap (and by Snack Wrap I mean a Filet-o-fish sandwich)… so soft, so tangy, so delish. But the best part for me is that there is free wi-fi (and it’s fast because there aren’t a million coffee squatters settled in for the day) so I can actually get work done while my kids climb and play and socialize and stop by to steal my fries. “Hi I know you, now off you go Hamburglar, mommy is busy on Instagram”  No, no, sometimes I bring along a small craft project, work on my laptop, or just curl up in one of those giant booths and take a nap. I kid, I kid. Mcdonalds playdate
With my family’s busy schedule, I want to plan play dates, especially for my younger kids, but it’s hard to know when there will be an open window of time. It’s also hard to know if my house will actually be presentable when that window of time presents itself. I always know that there will be some friendly kids at McDonalds, and also, there’s no need to hide the laundry baskets!Mcdonalds playdateMcdonalds playdateHere’s to us all finishing up a cool, relaxing, productive Summer with some fun and French Fries!
Mcdonalds playdate

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s. My opinions are my own, especially my opinion that they have the best French Fries, because they totally do.


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