The Patio Low Down

Last week I shared some pics of my newly made-over patio but now I want to share the nitty-gritty of the process. We refinished a few pieces that were destined for the curbside, made a few pieces with basic carpentry, found some cool stuff to buy with American Express Membership Rewards Points (of course) and DIYed the rest. I’m excited to give you the scoop.

If you happened to read my “before” post, you know that one of our biggest challenges was the big gray cement floor in the courtyard. We considered many excellent suggestions from staining cement to area rugs to decking…
In the end, we decide use our out-of-pocket budget and tile the courtyard in slate. I wasn’t very optimistic. I didn’t think replacing the sea of gray with a new sea of gray would make much of a difference but I was totally wrong. The tile makes the space look like an addition to our home. High-end and finished. The entire project rang in at $3,500 (yikes) but it was a renovation that I believe added value to our house. I truly love it.

After we dropped THAT wad of cash, we were left with zero dollars of our own money to spend on the project. Ok, maybe a few. So here’s what we did…
Table: West Elm (points)
Umbrella: Pottery Barn (points)
Cushions: Reupholstered. The Laziest Cushion Slip Cover DIY
Chairs: Refurbished (yes, those are the same chairs seen here)

Then there was the bar area. Rick was excited to take on this carpentry project based on my dreamed up sketch. I wanted a space to keep wood dry and hidden shelves for gardening tools and basic entertaining supplies.

My plan was to cover the bar with a salvage piece of granite but learned that granite doesn’t like heat. Also that a 22″x66″ piece of granite is not salvege. It’s $500. So my solution? Oilcloth! I covered a piece of plywood in light batting (to soften the lines) and then some pretty Lou Lou Thi Oilcloth. I’m not sure this is in for the long haul but so far so good. Maybe by next Summer, Ill have some cash to spend. Otherwise, maybe a new layer of oilcloth. Why not! I love the way it looks.

Bar materials: Home Depot (points)
Stools: Overstock
Curtain: Basic Burlap
Oilcloth: Fabricworm
Hand towels & hanging lanterns: The Company Store
Mirror: West Elm (points)

Here we have my problem nook.
When my original plan for a hammock fell through (too big) I had to come up with a wallet-friendly solution. A quick sand-down and spray paint of my old coffee table and a clean up of a few weathered folding chairs made a quick, pretty corner. Possibly my favorite spot! The DIY for these hand-painted cushions is coming this week.
Fan: TJ Maxx
Pot: Ross Dress for Less (yup)
Spray Paint: Rustolium Night Tide Gloss Enamel

This long narrow space by the door begged for a bench and I found the perfect one using points at Crate & Barrel.

Since every time I open the door, my guest is sitting on it waiting, I guess it was the right choice. I added some warmth with a few DIY Lou Lou Thi oilcloth pillows and an enormous DIY God’s Eye. The colorful pouf on the other side of the door is also from Crate & Barrel.

This little white side-table is from The Company Store (currently on sale.) Various planters $3-$8 from Ross (lucky day!)

Rick also whipped up this simple box planter which added a much needed wall of greenery. The succulents are thriving and the kids love playing with the smooth river stones!

And speaking of river stones, this little wire basket of stones with a few sharpies has already provided hours of entertainment for all. Thanks Valorie Wells, for the great idea.

As for the mantle, we never found the perfect piece of art so we kept it simple with a few wire lanterns. This way I can do some upcoming seasonal decorating. In the longterm, I’d love to find a cow skull or some antlers to as the finishing touches on my southwestern modern oasis.
So, did I miss mentioning anything? And most importantly, when are you coming over to write your name on a rock?



The Queen

So I'm an east coast girl and usually am not drawn to the west/western style art or design but I LOVE this! It's beautiful. Every single thing. It's amazing. I would want to live there! Congrats!


Love it! Is the floor shiny like in the first two pics, or was it wet that day? I love the glossy look. What do you keep in that colorful pouf outside the door toys? Where is the lantern from? If I make you some of those candied waffles, can I come over for lunch?? Also, I would like to know what the special delivery package is! Lol 🙂


i love this. i wish I could grow succulents here, i think I might kill them. Plus I don't see many succulents for sale here in Nebraska… If i ever find some I will snatch them right up!


Hi Shavone-
The floor is wet in the first 2 pictures but does normally have a slight shine. The pouf is just stuffed. The lantern is from The Company Store and the box was cookies from my neighbor (a thank you for watering her plants!) oh, and yes, you are welcome any time!


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