The Pretty Prudent Home Book Trailer!

Make things. Make food. Make memories. Pre-order your copy now!

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My heart just smiled! I started sewing and crafting more once I stayed home full time after my second baby was born. Frequented your site back then and loved it all. Such a blissful time (and a bit blurry). My baby is finishing Kinder and the years have flown by with foundational memories for our family and within community with other families. Lots of creative fun coming and going. I didn’t know who your promotional email was from when I opened it but I’m so glad I didn’t ignore it. Congratulations, you two! Your book looks amazing. I haven’t been to your site in awhile but it looks fantastic since I last checked. (We moved cross-country and then back so I’ve been away with a legit excuse.) Anyhoo, just had to type my high-fives. All the best inspiration to you both. <3


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