The Quilting Bug

My sister-in-law made super-sweet quilts for Clare and her cousin Manning for Christmas. This was her first attempt at quilting and they are gorgeous! She bought a “layer cake” (a stack of 10″x10″ pieces of fabric) for each and followed this simple yet stunning pattern that she found on the Moda Bakeshop website. This has totally inspired me to make my first quilt this year. How about you? Will you be quilting in 2011? Don’t you love these beauties? I adore the way she wrapped the backing, a luxurious minkee, up and around the front to act as her binding. It makes it THAT much more cozy.

The new Denyse Schmidt from Fabricworm would work for a boy or a girl. Love the fresh geometric patterns.




I just started my first baby quilt this week. My grandmother passed away last january, and she made the most beautiful quilts. She made baby quilts like it was her job. Literally making an donating hundreds of baby quilts a year to an organization that gave them to shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, etc. Anyway… I started my first baby quilt ever this week, and I am loving it, but it's a slow process because I have to stop when I get too sentimental and weepy over missing my dear sweet Grandma. She would be overjoyed that someone else in the family took up quilting. I am overjoyed to keep her tradition and memory alive in a way that allows me also to be creative.
I love that pattern… maybe that will be my next one. πŸ™‚


Yes, I do plan on quilting this year! I have two vintage tablecloths that I plan on backing with flannel and quilting for my soon-to-be one year old (Fred). One is a folk/mexican pattern that will make a great outside picnic blanket, and the other is rooster pattern that will look super cute on a bed.


Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I made my first quilt this past year, and also used Minky. I found it really difficult, but the end result was superb. Thanks for sharing the quilts and links.


I made my first SIX quilts for Christmas this year. I started around, oh, Thanksgiving or so. πŸ˜‰ Needless to say, I will not be quilting for a while. πŸ˜‰


My mom was an avid quilter. She passed away in 2003. I'm just now getting the quilting bug and am so inspired by all her quilts. I am definitely starting up in 2011. πŸ™‚


I started quilting last year and got a little…obsessed. Unfortunately I am limited by space and by my rickety old Kenmore basic machine–I made one full sized quilt, but generally stick with crib and cradle sized ones.

Of course you are going to make gorgeous quilts with amazing fabrics. πŸ˜€ Can't wait to see them.

What I love about quilts is that they rarely turn out exactly the way I envision them, but they still turn out interesting and beautiful.


Quilting is my mom's territory. I still have her around and sorry for those of you that don't. I have just started to take an interest in sewing again. She even bought me my first machine. (A really nice one) I think its nice that we do have something in common. If and when I do make a quilt it will be for others or else my grandchildren, as I have about 20 or more in my house from my mom. Congrats to those who do have the quilting bug, it has helped my mom tremendously when she had her stroke and had serious depression afterwords because she could no longer work.


Ooh, I love this! I definitely want to make at least one quilt this year, hopefully more. This would be a great concept to use as gift quilts if you don't know the person's bed size, because they can just use it as a throw instead. Love it!



I pieced simple tops for quilts for my girls about 18mo ago (first ever for me) – then, the most stressful year of the last decade happened, and I didn't finish them. Hoping to quilt and bind them this year, and take a real quilting class. Sometimes, recreating the wheel is just a bit unnecessary.


After having my baby girl in 2008, I decided to make one quilt a year. That way I can provide my family with lovely heirloom quilts and work on my long-term-project-patience (i LOVE instant-gratification sewing). So far, I made a twin size in 2009, and a queen size in 2010. I usually use Christmas money to get started with supplies…but I am trying to redecorate my bedroom and I kind of spent it all on that this year (yes I've already spent my Christmas money)…but i WILL do a quilt this year. anyone want to donate funds? πŸ™‚


I will definitely be quilting this year. My mom also used to make quilts and sell them for extra money–they were always perfect! I have a few that I had started at least 15 years ago, so I'll be practicing on them first. Then, I plan on making a quilt for my bed. Good luck to you all!


I have been quilting since I was 13, Im 33 now so about 20 years! I love it they make great gifts and honestly who doesn't want hundreds of colorful quits laying around when its 20 degrees out!


Yes, I will be quilting in 2011. Making a quilt was on my bucket list. My friend's mom can quilt with her eyes closed so she helped me make a quilt for my son's 2nd birthday. My daughter will be turning 2 this summer so now I feel like I have to make her one too. But to add to the challenge I might try to come up with my own design. I guess we'll see what happens.

Lindsay and Co.

So glad you posted that site! I made my first baby quilt when I was pregnant with my first, about 5 years ago. We've since moved out to a farm, and I have had the hankerin' to make myself a quilt for our bed to be more 'farm-y.' And, I should probably make something for my son too πŸ˜‰ I have about 8 projects bookmarked now, perfect for the winter months!
My grandmother has made all of the grandkids and great-grandkids quilts and she loves helping me learn. Though, she hand-quilts and now that I have 2 little ones, these will probably be machine quilted. Still made with love though!


My grandma made me a t-shirt quilt for Christmas using all my t-shirts I love but can't get away with wearing anymore. This post has inspired me to get my sewing machine set up and to get back to quilting.


You bet I'll be quilting! In fact my personal goal is to finish one quilt a month in 2011. Not as hard as it sounds!! So if you could please stop tempting me with other projects that would be great πŸ™‚


I used the same pattern to make a baby quilt for my friend's little girl who is due to arrive on Monday… love it!

Vanessa at Rescued Goods

These really are beautiful! I have only made a few-mostly baby quilts. Luckily, my best (and only big one) thus far was a wedding gift for a dear friend. I will be trying more this year. These are great inspiration!


I started quilting earlier this year, and I actually used the same pattern for my first quilt. Be careful, it is very addictive! I can't stop!


Im making a baby clothes quilt for my daughter for her 3rd birthday (in March)…this is perfect for a beginner quilter like me:)


Too funny! I'm going to make my 1st quilt and have chosen that same pattern. We'll see how it goes…….


I've been itching to make my first real quilt, actually 2, one for my son's big boy bed and another for the baby we're expecting this summer. I doubt I can do both, but I appreciate the link to the tutorial. I've been looking for something like that. Thanks!


I love those! Maybe I should buy a layer cake. I picked up quilting books, fell in love with an applecore pattern and am irritated, because measuring always kicks my butt. I hate you Measuring, all your inches and circumferences and ounces and teaspoons! So, I made a promise to my dear sons, "I promise to make you each a quilt to give you when you are older, but it's going to be wonky as h***. It will definitely remind you of me. Striving to be good, but just a little off."


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