The Right Way To Ice A Cake

In honor of Jacinda being on maternity leave (Prudent Baby gives one week, unpaid, HA HA) I thought I’d share some of my favorite Jacinda tutes from years past. Seeing as today is my birthday, this one seemed apropos. I want to see hubby in the kitchen with a cake spatula delicately smoothing frosting, hahahaha, sigh, I crack myself up.

But seriously, this cake decorating tute is a really great one. It is among my favorites because it’s quick, it’s simple, fancy/expensive materials are not required, and after giving it a try once, I can now ice a reasonable-looking cake. So for Jacinda’s usual clear, direct instructions and gorg photography in a tute that will make your future cake decorating efforts look ever-so-pro, check it out here: How to Ice A Cake.



Happy Birthday Jamie! I do have an added suggestion. If you wrap the cake pans in a damp towel while they bake, the cakes will rise evenly. My family wasn't to happy when I learned this trick, no more cutting the cake to even means no more extra cake to nibble!


Awww, happy birthday! I hope you do get surprised with a big, beautiful cake today that you had no part in creating! And balloons!


Happy Birthday, Jamie! Yay, Capricorns, my birthday is this week 🙂

The crumb coat is a great tip.. I've made two birthday cakes this past week, and the 'icing spackle' look doesn't appeal to me lol. I made it work, but this tutorial will help ME to like the (smooth, even) finished product more.

PS – I'm waiting on the newsletter too 🙂


happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear jamie,
happy birthday to you.

hope you have a good one!
i just read the cake tutorial and it's awesome. I can't wait to try to make my first cake.


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