The Scotch Tape Flower Trick

PEONIES ARE BACK IN SEASON!  SWEET SWEET JOY! I just unabashedly love peonies so much, don’t you??  I grabbed a couple bunches for .99 at Trader Joes yesterday and used the scotch tape trick to make ’em look all nice.

If you didn’t catch it, get the secret on our post “Making Cheapo Flowers Look Fancy“…it’ll change your flower-arranging life. Also had to follow my own advice and pick up some $4 hydrangeas.

Oh, I could gaze at them all day.  What’s your favorite flower ladies??  Do you have a secret to making them look extra purty?




a splash of clorox in the water will keep it from getting yucky. slows bacteria growth. super important if you have a glass vase and want clear water.
my favs are peonies and hydrangeas. you nailed it!


I'm with you on peonies and hydrangeas too…I just got a bright pink hydrangea that I'm in love with and the house we just moved into has a thriving peony bush in the backyard. Score! Its just starting to bloom and I can't wait to have fluffy bouquets of peonies all over my house!


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