The Season of Cozy: Granny Square Slippers

Halloween is over (boo) and it’s too soon for Christmas talk (not really) so I hereby claim this as the Season of Cozy. See how easy that was? To kick off the Season of Cozy, I want to share this super-cozy Granny Square Slipper project that I found on The Purl Bee last night. Has anybody made these? Don’t the look delicious? I bet you could make them baby-sized too. But not toddler-sized, too slippery. They remind me of a granny square Christmas stocking that I had when I was little (how ’70’s, right?) I’ll make one for you all soon, it’s so groovy.




I already made a pair and now I'm on to the second. They were pretty easy and look amazing. The only tricky part is piecing together, but there are step by step instructions with pictures. If you wanted to make them for a toddler, I would recommend using a hot glue gun to add some treds to the bottom; you're right, they are slippery.

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