The UNcrafty Weekend

Have no fear Prudent Mama’s, this is not a new blog feature where we tell you all the amazing things (or in this case, unamazing things) that we did the past weekend. But I slacked. Majorly. And have NOTHING to show you. In fact, this is the most crafty thing I did all weekend…and actually, I made that kid in the picture do most of the work. She starts school tomorrow and is soooo excited. I haven’t told her that she has to wear closed-toe shoes every day. It might be a deal-breaker.

Other than that… I ate leftover spaghetti and meatballs for almost every meal and snack (yum), watched no less than 7 episodes of Dexter in preparation for the new season (and perhaps one episode of Jersey Shore but I’m not fully willing to admit that here), read The Help in its entirety, got a belated birthday pedicure with my sister-in-law (thanks Becca!), went to the grocery store twice, the gym for the first time since April, changed approximately 15 diapers, and bought a pair of sunglasses at Target. Since coming to the sad conclusion that a mother’s sunglasses are basically disposable, Target it is. I actually love them. I told Rick that since they were $125 less than the pair I really wanted, I saved us that money! (Does anyone else say fun things like that to torture their husband?)

I also thought about working on the craft cave but never even stepped foot upstairs.

How about you? Were you productive? Creative? A (quite satisfied but slightly regretful) lazy toad like me? Tell us what you were up to and you could win that adorable fat quarter up there to the left.

And I promise, we have some fun crafty stuff for you this week!



Mrs. Coach

You live in the city next to where I work! awesome! (I feel craftier already, just knowing that).

I finished painting some cutins and trim work on walls I rolled 1.5+ months ago. Yeah, I know… lazy.

I caught up on Weeds and cooked some tasty treats. so iffy on the productive scale, but felt good to finish up a lot of projects this weekend. I still have a dress sitting on my sewing table that just needs the sleves finished, I fizzled out after working on it for 3 days straight. ah well. happy monday!


I thought alot about making my boys halloween costumes. but i didnt actually do it. its the thought that counts, right?


Friday I worked really quickly, down the last minutes on a birthday present for a sweet 7 year old. I crocheted a brim hat with a pretty blue bird on it with a fun flappy wing. One of my favorite creations to date. I think miss Ravel liked it too. I also worked on a hat display for a photography studio that will be selling our hats! Really I just finished it up, took pictures, and blogged about it. I also made a flowered headband for my mom. Well, she'll be giving it as a gift. I'm shocked to see that I even accomplished that! This nauseated preggo doesn't get much done these days. I also dreamed about making a patchwork quilt! Does that count?


I thought about doing laundry, and it made me extra sleepy so I took a nap. While I was napping I noticed that the sheets needed to be changed, so I put that on my mental to do list and that made me sleepy so I rolled over and took another nap. Got up and made dinner, made sure all of the boys (including my hubby in that) were properly plugged into their gaming devices and that was Exhausting! So I took another nap. Amen.


Totally productive. I moved into a new apartment with only a day's official notice. Luckily, I'd known approximately when we were probably moving, so a lot of stuff was in boxes.


I had a busy week! My husband and I painted our kitchen. Yay for $9 oops paint in the perfect shade of steel gray. I made 11 favour bags and colouring books in the style of Clare's Buggy Birthday party tutorial. Made chocolate loli-pops and candy suckers. Baked and decorated a caterpillar cake made of lemon, chocolate, and rainbow vanilla. Set up and decorated my yard, than realized it was going to rain. Tore down and moved everything to my Parent -in -law's house and reset up and redecorated. Then hosted my 1 year old's Birthday party for 30+ guests. I re-tore down everything packed up two full cars brought it home, and am now sitting zombie like in my living room full of boxes and bags too tired to move.

Mini MNM's

I didn't get the two quilts worked on (have the tops done, but no quilting done yet) or the cloth wipes recycled from a receiving blanket that I will be giving away on my blog. I did spend some quality time with my mom this weekend. We had lunch and got pedicures!


I was definitely a slacker this weekend. I did manage to help a friend with wedding crafts, followed by our own brewpub crawl πŸ™‚

Jahje Bath Ives

I wish I had been a slacker this weekend. I went into productive overdrive making birds, clouds, and fish mobiles for my new etsy shop Baby Jives

Then on Sunday I did slack a little since my wonderful hubby got up with our son and I got to sleep in until 8:30 – woohoo! And then I woke up to find out that the Etsy Blog had picked one of my birds to go along with their article, which pretty much made my day and gave me the energy I needed to get more stuff done for the shop. So I sewed some more and then let myself take a break to watch Mad Men.


Love the fun facts about your daughter! And now spaghetti sounds so good. I ate it for a few days straight the other week. This weekend I vacuumed half the house (which is less than 1200 square feet- ha), did two loads of laundry, made three batches of pear crisp, about a quart and a half of pear sauce, and cut my husband's hair.


I was also a slacker. I was such a slacker, I can't even remember what I did with my time. There were diapers involved. That much I remember. The kids must have eaten too, in order to produce those diapers.
I had better step it up this week if I am going to pull off a birthday party for my soon-to-be 3 year old on Saturday!


Hmm…I worked Friday and Saturday. So Sunday was my supposedly free day. I got to take a nap (cause I wasn't in the mood for anything and was told I had to by hubby) He and my oldest worked on a car all after noon while I did dishes and then the baby and I went to the store, because I wanted chicken for dinner, thought about starting a new sewing project but decided bedtime at 9:30 was a better bet.

Alison C

Saturday was : soccer match (kids), grocery shopping, cupboard tidying, 5K run (jog!), slouch in front of the telly.
Sunday: Sunday school, 8k run, baking, soccer practice, Sunday dinner, read a bit of "the girl who played with fire" than bed.
Was meant to sew some Laundry bags for baby shower gifts but never managed to fit them in. So I feel I never achieved anything either!


Saturday, August 28th was our 11th anniversary. Every year, I make his favorite breakfast, then we do something fun with our girls. After that it's a special dinner, just the two of us. Well….that didn't happen this year. I don't expect cards, flowers, jewelry,… going out for dinner isn't even a necessity. All I want is a heart filled, "Happy Anniversary honey. I love you." Did I get that? Nope. I was very upset. I don't know about you guys, but when I'm upset I turn into a cleaning freak. When he finally got home from the gym, the house was spotless from the ceiling to the floor boards. He never did wish me a happy anniversary but our girls did. The girls and I made peach cobbler that night and giggled every time a peach slipped from our grasp. My day and weekend went from super crappy to fun and happy right at that point. πŸ™‚


You are pretty close to me. I live in Flower Mound. My husband attending a blogging conference this weekend. So I was all alone with the kiddos. Somehow on Saturday, my two children multiplied to six. They kept me on my toes for a few hours. I did manage to get more painting done in my husband's office. This week I will get it done!

amy kalar

I made my own tabbed curtains for our big bay window! I even lined them! This is a huge accomplishment for this quite-untalented mama. And I can't lie- I didn't catch all of the lining in the side-seam… so I shall spend NEXT weekend blind-stitching. Or at least trying to blind-stitch, and you'll probably have to be blind to not see them!!


I got some sewing done this weekend for birthday gifts. I made a cosmetic bag and a shopping tote. I felt productive. Then sunday came around and we lounged and napped most of the day.


I was incredibly productive yesterday! I cleaned my entire apartment, did laundry, cooked dinner, made lunches for today, caught up on a bunch of random organizing stuff i've been putting off, AND made the cutest little cloth flowers to put on headbands for my adorable nieces. I wish I could attach a photo here! I was very pleased with how they turned out.
Oh and the best part about my awesome productivity yesterday…..something my husband said to me as we were going to sleep…. "we did exactly what we both wanted to do today! Me, nothing; you, everything!!" Oh boy, I love that man πŸ˜‰


i drank cucumber vodka this weekend and got my nails done. i didnt' know clare was a notre dame good luck charm, that's rad.


OMG!!! Dexter is so great! Did you finish? The last episode haunted me for weeks! Seriously, weeks. I agree with Tegan, I don't know if I can handle much more…


this weekend… some crafting, some laziness. i made good food, and of course took care of the kids… but i am most proud of rescuing my garden from the over grown weed lot that it was and using the tiller {what a feat!} to get it ready for the fall…because i hear that north texas fall gardens are WAY better than the spring and summer. let's hope so… because i am out of my comfort zone.


I looked longingly at my sewing machine the few times I was able to get into my house. I did crochet a few stitches (really just a few, I didn't feel like working on that project) and I finished my nephew's 1st birthday present. I followed your Easiest Softie directions but I filled them with beans for fun fishie beanbags.

Stacy @ She's {kinda} Crafty

I didn't have a crafty weekend either because I was so desperate for a real date night with my husband I agreed to let his mother come stay with us for the weekend. You gotta do what you gotta do when you a 4mo old and a 2.5 year old


wow, that weekend sounds way more satisfying than mine. you win. i managed to take a daily shower, ate an entire box of wheat thins, and changed about a hundred diapers. our two week old is quite a poop machine.


I made your nap mat for my 4 year old son who started MDO today. It was a success although incredibly imperfect.

By the way, I'm from Keller (now living a little farther down I-35) and I totally think you could sell your creations at the Indianette Craft Bazaar at the high school. I'm just saying, you could check into it (as if you're not busy enough already)!


You won't believe me if I tell you what I was up to:
I was recovering from laparoscopic surgery and my 2 and 3 year olds were tying my husband up and beating him with reeds. Okay, the reeds part is a lie, but last night I had to go to the ER because they left A SURGICAL INSTRUMENT INSIDE ME!!! What? Yes. Lame.


You might want to rethink having so many details up on the internet. In one post you have her picture, first and last name, the city you live in, and her age. I'm a mom too and I get excited about sharing my kids' lives, but sometimes we can forget who might be watching. Sorry to bring down the tone of the posts…just thought I needed to say something.


I had good intentions to get a ton of stuff done . . . multiple pillows to get done, a dog bed to make, house to clean, etc., etc. . . . but my husband was out of town and I felt the need to hang with girl friends. So, piano bars, commedy clubs, drinking wine, pedicures, the beach . . . were all a much better option!

Megan Brueseke

I actually had a pretty eventful weekend – I drove 6hrs each way to my sisters wedding reception, along with my 10 month old daughter. She's thankfully a great traveler! While visiting family, I returned the book The Help to my mom who had let me borrow it – I read it in just a matter of days too – I loved it!


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