This Motherhood Journey

I’m getting a little personal today with an essay on my thoughts about travel, adventure, and becoming a mother. I’m interested to know how you feel about the subject. Check out the piece and let me know what you think here: Motherhood as the End of Adventure?



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Really great piece, Jaime–I think the last paragraph was especially poignant! Realizing that having children shifts the focus of our lives to being about THEM, not US, is so key and it something I need to remind myself of daily, but also what makes being a mom so meaningful. We really do have their futures in our hands and we can't take that lightly, but wow, how fortunate our we to witness their growth!

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A fantastic essay, it hits the nail on the head. I always thought kids would mean no more adventures, but in fact it just changes the form that those adventures take. We took our 20mth old to Europe – I saw Paris and London and Rome through my own eyes as well as my son's, and it was amazing! Next stop, America, I can't wait to visit it myself, but I also can't wait to show it to my kids, nappies, tantrums and all!


I was terrified of having a baby. After a few attempts and fails, I had finally given up on trying, and low and behold a year later I became pregnant. I had always thought my whole purpose in life was to become a mother, and a wife. But once I became pregnant I kind of thought, well now my life is over. After a few months of being home with my little angel, I realized my life is finally beginning. There is nothing more special, more fantastic or more rewarding than being a mother. It makes you look at life in a whole new light. Each day is a gift the be unwrapped every morning! Great essay, I am glad someone else shares the same wonders of parenthood as I do đŸ™‚


I love your cantaloupe story!
I grew cantaloupes in the garden and they hardly made it to fruiting, so I probably would have had the same reaction! (Though my husband wouldn't have…)


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