Toast Tuesday: Avocado, Pepper Flake & Pea Shoot

Toast Tuesday | Avocado, Red Pepper & Pea Shoot “Girrrrl, you gotta eat breakfast.” I hear this all the time, from everyone I know, including my doctor. So this summer I am making a strong effort at this breakfast endeavor. I try to eat “real food” and keep my carbohydrates fairly low, so one of my favorite go-to’s is a piece of whole grain toast loaded up with yummy goodness. As we ease into summer here on the Pretty Prudent home front, I thought I’d take Tuesdays as a chance to share my latest toast creations.

Today I’m starting with half a ripe avocado, a drizzle of olive oil, a splash of red pepper flakes, and a handful of pea shoots. It feels indulgent and satisfying, but at least avocado and olive oil are heart-healthy fats. The pea shoots at a bit of freshness and crunch, while they red pepper gives it a kick. This combo will definitely be repeated. If I’m super hungry, I might add a fried egg or maybe even a chopped hard boiled egg white.



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