Top Ten UnRomantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

So I told you about Unromantic Valentines Day and you all shared tons of great ideas! Here’s my top ten picks for Unromantic Valentines Day gifts for manly men. All these are prudent-husband-approved. Find out where to snag them here: Top Ten Un-Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Men.

And please share your ideas in the comments, you could win some sparkly Kreinik thread!




Love these gifts. And they are romantic – if romance means speaking to the one you love in THEIR language.

I bought my husband a thigh-holster and trijicon sights. It's romantic if he comes home from work alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Heather Louise

I think the most unromantic gift is whatever my husband's most recent computer game obsession is. Giving him one of these usually means that I won't see him for a solid chunk of time. . . at least week, maybe two.


I found a photographer who does boudoir sessions. Being that this is out of my comfort zone by 10,000 miles, I am hoping this will wow my husband.

Maggie Claire

I'm a new mommy who recently was given "Danielle Appreciation Day" by my husband. I didn't have to cook, clean, bathe a kiddo or change a diaper all day. Which means the pressure is on to surpass my husband's awesomeness for this Valentine's day. I'm probably going to pass on the unromantic suggestions. Too funny that someone thought that raw meat would be considered a gift at all!


I thought about making something for my husband and boys for Valentines Day (matching superhero capes) but due to the incident last night where I sewed through my fingernail into my finger with my machine, all they are getting is an ER bill. ๐Ÿ™


You have inspired me to hit up the local butcher for some venison. YUM! My hubby is going to love that for a v-day dinner.


i ordered a summer sausage and cheese balls basket from hickory farms today. it will be arriving at my husbands office in 3-10 business days. the total cost was $16 (its their off season… lol)

and yeah, my message may have been a tad off color… sausage… (cheese) balls…. valentine's day… hahahaha oh, good times.

this may be my first successful gift for valentines ever. normally he rolls his eyes and said gift gathers dust. this time, he's gonna laugh!


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