Traverse City, Michigan and our Exclusive Pretty Prudent Ice Cream Flavor!

A few weeks ago I went out to Traverse City, Michigan with many fantastic food bloggers to celebrate the debut of the new Private Selection Michigan Cherry Cobbler Ice Cream. Does anyone look familiar?

That’s Heather – Heather’s Dish, Tessa – Handle the HeatTricia – Once a Month Mom, Nicole – Baking Bites, Sara and Kate – Our Best Bites,  Christy – Southern PlateKristy – Sweet Treats and More, and Kelley – Mountain Mama Cooks.

While we were there, we toured the cherry orchards on the Old Mission Peninsula and got to create our own unique flavor of ice cream that represented our region. After much discussion, Jaime, Jacinda, and I came up with the delicious fusion of Honey Bacon and Chipotle Chocolate, inspired by Jaime and Jacinda’s homelands of Texas and California. Let me tell you all about the trip and how you can help vote to make our Pretty Prudent flavor a reality!

We began by taking a tour through The Old Mission Fruit Company cherry orchard. The owners, Bern and Cheryl Kroupa, taught us everything we ever wanted to know about cherries.

We learned the difference between the Emperor Francis & Ulsters cherries, and got to see the many types of cherries used in the Michigan Cherry Cobbler ice cream.

At the end of our walk and cocktail hour, we turned a corner and found this waiting for us. Would you believe that a rainbow appeared during dinner?

The next day we arrived at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute. This is where we got to make our ice cream.

We started by each picking out our flavor ingredients. Heather, from Heather’s Dish, and I were both using bacon and chocolate, so you can imagine how that room smelled. A-ma-zing!

Then we put on our awesome chef outfits, compliments of Private Selection. Yes, I still wear mine at home from time to time.

We mixed everything together and packaged up our delicious treats.

Taste time…

Honey Bacon Chipotle Chocolate was a hit! Now, here is where you come in…

Each of the bloggers has their exclusive ice cream featured on the Private Selection Facebook page. From now until September 17th all of America will be voting for up to one flavor per day. The winner of the competition will get their ice cream flavor made and sold in Kroger stores across America! As a thank you, you will also get a coupon for your next purchase of Private Selection ice cream.

Will you vote for Handle the Heat’s Arizona-Inspired Prickly Pear & Lime ice cream, Mountain Mama Cooks’ Utah-Inspired Mexican Hot Chocolate, our Honey Bacon and Chipotle Chocolate, or one of the many other delicious flavors?

To start voting away head on over to the Private Selection Facebook.

See more of the weekend in a nutshell in the video below, you may or may not see me Irish dance. I don’t think Jaime and Jacinda have even seen that yet.

Photo credit Leah Renee Photography


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You had me at Michigan Cherry Cobbler. I seem to recall seeing mention of other delicious flavors for ice cream. And voting. But that will have to wait til I get back from the store with some of that Cherry Cobbler ice cream. Yum!


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