Trend We Love: Plus One

Plus signs are trending and not just in math. The design name for the plus sign is a Swiss Cross. It was adopted as Switzerland’s flag in 1889. Flash forward 124 years, and I’m seeing it trend everywhere. It’s a timeless graphic that is typographically appealing and not fussy, which makes it easy to incorporate into any space.

Emily decorated her living room with a vintage Swiss flag. It’s a huge statement and a great piece of art. This Anthropologie chair is a mint + gold take on the classic cross.

Of course, incorporating this trend doesn’t have to be as bold. You can add this tea towel for a classic look without a huge commitment. This cell phone case mixes the black and white, neon, and Swiss cross to be hands down the trendiest case on the market. How can you top that?

For all you DIYers out there, the cross is an easy graphic to tackle. Whether you update a medicine cabinet with the classic first aid symbol or hide unsightly plugs with this plug cover, you are sure to make a statement.

Add some plus sign textiles to your styling catalogue. You can transform a boring throw with a felt needle and a cross pattern. The quilted plus pillow can be make in whatever color palette works for your space!



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