Triangles in the Nursery

When brainstorming nursery decor ideas it only seems natural to lean towards geometric shapes. After all, they are one of the first things we teach little ones. Start decorating by sewing him or her a beautiful DIY Triangle Quilt. Not much of a quilter? You can always buy this modern baby blanket.

Stack handmade colored blocks on your baby’s bookshelf and hang a geometric mobile in the room. Make the nursery feel cozier by placing a few triangle pillows on your rocking chair. Personally, my favorite pieces of triangle decor so far are these cool shelves you can hang on the wall.




Don’t you just love that quilt? We’ve had triangles on the brain here at CityCraft for several weeks. For more triangle inspiration, check out Ferm Living’s collection of home goods. Hugs to my Prudent gals, Callie

Switch Witch

I love this theme, very fun and bright! I also like that it will transition more with them than fluffy elephants (don’t get me wrong i love those too ;0)


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