Turn a Footstool into a DIY Felt Tea Party (Free Template)

Rubyellen, from Cakies, and her adorable girls are back with the cutest DIY Felt Tea Party. You may remember her last felt tutorial for Pretty Prudent, DIY Halloween Headbands. Today she will show you how to turn any ol’ footstool into the most magical tea party. This makes for a great gift or portable toy to take anywhere. It’s tea time somewhere, right?

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Learn how to turn a footstool into a DIY Felt Tea Party after the jump…

Felt Tea Party Time!

Kids love throwing imaginary parties! This sweet tea set will fill many afternoons with a lot of teatime fun!

Felt Tea Party Time Template
Spray paint
Staple gun & staples
Various colors of felt fabrics between ¼ yard – 1 yard
Embroidery needle
Embroidery floss in various colors
1 small pom pom
Small buttons in various colors

Make the stool:

1. Spray paint the 4 legs in whatever color you desire. Coat the legs twice and make sure to allow ample drying time between each coat.

2. Lay out felt fabric, place the top of the stool on top of the felt fabric (cushion side facing down), mark about 3” all the way around the stool, and cut that out.

3. Fold the edges tightly in at about 1 ½” increments and staple felt fabric in place. Continue all the way around until the stool top is completely covered in felt fabric.

4. Screw the wooden legs back into the bottom of the stool.

Make the teapot:

5. Cut out all the teapot pieces. Layer the top pieces onto the bottom tea pot pieces and make sure the edges match (the top overlaps the bottom pieces by about an inch). Sew the pieces together using a straight stitch. I created a V design, but feel free to create your own! Repeat for second teapot body pieces.

6. Place the teapot body with their wrong sides together, and insert the felt fabric handle 1/2” in one end of the teapot, and insert the felt fabric spout in about 1/2” on the opposite end. Pin in place. Blanket-stitch around the side and top of the teapot. Due to the spout and handle, one side won’t have a blanket stitch near those parts, so once the majority of the side and top of the teapot is blanket stitched, you will have to add a few more blanket stitches for the areas that were missed. Then, outline stitch around the edges of the felt fabric spout and handle (or you can also leave as is).

7. Attach the bottom felt fabric piece of the teapot to the teapot body, line up the edges, and blanket-stitch the edges all the way around. Be sure to insert the poly-fill into the teapot before it is completely closed.

8. To add a bit more design to the teapot, backstitch 3 long lines on both sides of the teapot. Attach a small pom on top of the tea pot.

Make the plates:

9. Cut out the plate pieces, line up the edges, and blanket stitch around the entire edge. Using a running stitch, create a smaller circle about 1 ½” away from the edge of the plate.

Make the teacups:

10. Cut out the cup pieces, line up the short edges of the cup body, insert the felt fabric handle 1/2” in, between the lined up edges, and backstitch the short edges and handle of the teacup together. Line up the bottom felt fabric piece with the bottom edges of the cup body, and blanket stitch the edges together.

Make the cookies:

11. Cut out felt circles about 2” – 3” wide. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just make them cookie-like! Attach small buttons on to make them look like chocolate chips, or blueberry and strawberry chunks!

Give your kids all the pieces for the tea party and let them go to town with them. They will have a blast with their own little tea party on a stool!



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