Clare is big on spinning and “running in circles” these days. A new dancing skirt was in order. Here is one way to make a charming, quick tutu. A wonderful last minute birthday gift for a little girl and it’s under .

DIY after the jump

What you need:

Sewing Machine
4 yds Tulle
Matching thread
Head pins
2ft elastic
Cutting Mat-optional
Clear Ruler-optional
Rotary Cutter-optional
embellishments (optional)

What to do:
1. cut 4 – 2″x4yd strips from the length of your tulle

2. Fold large piece of tulle in half the long way and then in half the long way again

3. Pin along the folded edge of the tulle about 1.5 inches from the fold

4. Sew a straight seam 1″ from the fold along the entire 4yd length removing pins as you go. You may want to hold the fabric taut front to back so it doesn’t gather as it runs under the foot. If it bunches a bit, it’s ok.

5. You will have 2 single layers and 1 double (looped) layer of skirt. Separate the top (single) layer of skirt from the rest and line up the foot of your machine 1″ from the bottom edge. Lay one of the 2″ strips of tulle on top, aligned with the bottom edge of the skirt. Sew down the middle of the strip, pinching the strip to gather as you sew through it and through the skirt. You will use 2 of the 2″x4yd strips to complete one ruffle along the entire length.

6. Now lay your third 2″x4yd strip centered 3″ from the bottom hem, so the 2 ruffles will touch slightly

7. Sew down the middle of the strip, pinching the strip to gather as you sew through it and through the skirt. You will also use 2 – 2″x4yd strips to complete the second ruffle along the entire length

8. Now run your elastic through the waistband just inside the single back layer of tulle. The 3 layers on the front of the waistband will help hide the elastic.

9. Be sure to pin the end of your elastic in place. If your elastic is not stiff enough to push through the tulle, you can attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic to help pull it through.

10. When you string it all the way through, pull the elastic out an inch or two and pin in place

11. Now overlap your elastic (to the desired waist measurement) and sew through both pieces of elastic several times

12. Tuck the elastic ends into the waistband and evenly distribute your gathered waistband

13. If your bottom “hem” is uneven, you may want to trim the underlying tulle layers but only if it bothers you

Now is the fun part, decorate your dancing skirt with ribbon, bows, embellishments, sequins, silk flowers, whatever you think little fancy-pants will like. I sewed on a simple bow with strings of sequins down the ribbons.

Now, pardon us as we head off to twirl…




omg, i'm so glad my camera deleted my tutu pics, yours is five million times cuter. and i love tutu-torial. could clare be any more adorable? no.


This is just delightful! I'd like to share with you a great resource for tulle -www.shopceliarachel.com – they have an excellent selection and it's all made in the USA. This is going to make great Christmas gifts for all the little girls in my life!


Thank you so much for sharing this with all. I made my little girl one today and she loves it. I enjoyed making it so much that I made one for my daughter to give to her friend for her birthday.


boo hoo, i made a tutu for my tiny dancer and she won't even put it on! i don't know what it is about it. (I have to stop myself from making more ~ I'd wear them everyday if I could=)


Jillian-Don't stress it! Not sure how old your little bean is but Clare was NOT into the tu-tu when I made it and now I can't keep it (or any costume) off of her at 3 1/2. It'll happen and you might regret ever introducing the tu-tu!


Becky-I never answered your question! Lame. Are their different widths? I can't remember what I got but it was probably about 42-46". Maybe? It was from Walmart.


Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!!! These will be just perfect to make for all the kinder girl b-day coming up!!!!! So excited!!!! I want one too!!! Yes-I will have a tutu too!!!


I know I am a BIT late on this, but I just found it and was wondering your advice on making it for a newborn. I have made ribbon tulle tutus and I am thinking I usually make WAY shorter. What measurements for the tulle would you recommend?


smokelesslife-I would go with the length you have made in the past. I've never made one for a newborn. If you do, let us know the right length. good luck!


I ended up making it into fourths and cutting off a layer to make it a little shorter (still a little long)
Then since the baby I am making for isnt born I looked up average size of a newborn and used 14inches of elastic. The baby wont be moving much and I want her to grow into it. I tried it on my daughters baby doll, and my daughter (small 3yr old) and it fit both of them. I kept all of the 4 yds to keep poofyness. I didnt add the ruffles yet, but my daughter thought the strips were too much fun. I have got to wait til she goes to bed. lol
THank you for such an easy to use tutorial! It is so much better than the ribbon tutus I used to make!


Did you sew the edge going vertically along the tutu after adding the elastic and sewing that? Or did you just leave it raw? If you left it raw, is it obvious?


Oh so cute. The perfect companion to the Tinkerbell costume I made for my granddaughter. Thank you for posting this. Lori


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