Under-an-Hour Jersey Hat

A few weeks ago, I made an Under An Hour Silkscreened Scarf. While I was at it, I whipped up a little jersey hat. Clare loves that the silkscreened pattern makes her hat and scarf a matching set, but this is also a great t-shirt project. The best part is that you still have time to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts!

So easy, check it out…

1. Cut 2 rectangles of jersey with the “stretch” running side to side. For a 4 year old, I cut 10″ wide by 12″ tall. This side would fit a wide range, maybe 3-8 years.

2. Turn the rectangles to be right-side-facing.

3. Sew or Serge up the sides. If you need tips on sewing with knits, see our Sewing with Jersey 101 post. If you are ready to make the leap to a serger, we highly recommend the Brother 5234PRW which we both use, courtesy of Brother.

3. Get your tassel ready. A bunch of ribbons, a braid of yarn, strips of jersey… I used strands of yarn tied in a knot.

4. Tuck your tassel “top down” into the top of the hat.

5. Time for a little hand sewing. Not too much! Just run a needle and thread through the hat and tassel and through other side of hat a few times to secure.

6. Pull the sides in and repeat.

7. Keep pulling in the loops and sewing through tassel until all fabric is secured tightly.

8. Turn up the bottom edge of the hat. Approx 2.5″.

9.  Sew the edge in place with a double needle and stretch stitch. See more options in Sewing with Jersey 101.

8. Turn your hat inside-out. Cute!

9. Turn the cuff up and you are finished!




I have a ton of knit scraps I could use for this and it's so simple I will add it to my daughters Christmas gifts.


FYI, the link for Sewing with Jersey 101 is broken or maybe that page is missing now. My “pin” to is isn’t working either.


I just want to say that I love all of your tutorials!! You do a great job. I started following and loving your tutorials every since i found the mini pocket pillow.

Great Job!!!


Great tutorial!

How did you get the measurements for the width of the hat – I presume measuring the head circumference and dividing by two, right?



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