Unique LA

One of our adventures this weekend was to the holiday craft extravaganza, Unique Los Angeles. So much fun! Here is some of the amazing stuff that we came across. Buy Handmade, yay!

Ex libris anonymous – recycled book journals.
This is my notebook of choice for the past few years AND they make a great gift.

Fanciful handmade accessories from Stylesmith

I picked up a few of these adorable felt ornaments and we both coveted the wool bowls on the Graf & Lantz homepage.

Jaime and I both found these ADORABLE hand-made dollies from lil sprinkle irresistible and each brought something home for a little girl in our life.

Oh Hello Friend had girlie vintage sweetness in earrings, pins and cake plates.

M. Sartin had these gorgeous cowls that I totally wanted.

I had to block Quinn’s eyes so that she wouldn’t demand some of these adorable booties from Tiny Whales on the spot.

Oli Bird had these adorable wooden dollies. I have total non-buyers remorse.

And Jojo’s Handspun Yarn had their spinning wheel set up for a demonstration. So cool! This yarn is dreamy, my friends.

And probably our favorite item of the day. This Southland Produce Calendar from Krank Press.

I don’t even live in the Southland anymore and I still bought it because it was just that cool.
And they get extra points for this adorable easy-sew pennant garland

And we can’t forget our lovely friend Kelly who was there with her gorgeous succulents!

And lastly a mystery! I liked this necklace so much that I took a picture of it but then walked away and couldn’t find it later when I came back. Isn’t it cool?




i love those lil sprinkles dolls. i always get non buyers remorse. so many times i pick stuff up, carry it around for 20 minutes, then put it back. i usually regret it. 🙂 looks like you had fun.


the show was awesome, we found so much great stuff. i cant wait to give everyone their gifts and i hope the vendors all were successful!


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