Unlimited Squirrels by Mo Willems & Perfect Rock Painting Tutorial

Unlimited Squirrels by Mo Willems & Perfect Rock Painting Tutorial is sponsored by Disney Book Group

I know that so many of you, just like us,  are fans of Mo Willems, from Elephant & Piggie to Pigeon to Nanette, so I’m thrilled to introduce his newest creation. Unlimited Squirrels in I Lost My Tooth! combines a charming new cast of characters with Mo’s signature writing style; a captivating medley of heart, humor, and high energy. This new book also features jokes and scientific facts in addition to a main story. It’s a perfect book for new readers and their caregivers to go back to again and again.

We fell so hard for these funny squirrels that we decided to paint them on a batch of rocks that we are decorating to hide in a neighborhood park. Rather than freehand draw these little guys, we turned to a classic tracing technique to transfer them to stone. I love when I can impress my own kids with a little crafty trick that I know! Now you can too. Here’s how we made our Unlimited Squirrels rocks…

Perfect Rock Painting Tutorial

  1. Scrub smooth river stones of any dirt and leave to dry.

2. Paint rocks with two coats of acrylic paint. If you want to leave them natural, coat them with a layer of acrylic sealant so that you have a nice smooth drawing surface.

3. Trace your art with tracing paper. you can resize your art with a copy machine first as you wish.

4. Turn the tracing paper over and shade the back of the drawing with a generous layer of pencil sketching. Really coat it.

5. Lay the art over your rock and retrace all lines.

6. The transfer may be very light. Fill in the missing lines with your pencil.

7. Paint in the color sections of the art and let dry. Once dry, use a waterproof, permanent fine marker to add a hard edge to the artwork. Aren’t they so fun?

8. Add the name of your local Facebook rock group to the back so that you know when they are found. We might also add some “A-Corny” jokes to the back for extra fun.

9. Once you are finished, seal the rocks with waterproof clear acrylic.

We can’t wait for you to check out Unlimited Squirrels in I Lost My Tooth!, it’s in bookstores now!

About Unlimited Squirrels

An ensemble cast of Squirrels, acorns, and pop-in guests host a page-turning extravaganza! Each book features a funny, furry adventure AND bonus jokes, quirky quizzes, nutty fact formats, and so, so many squirrels! In I Lost My Tooth!, Zoom Squirrel has lost a front tooth! The Squirrels leap into action when they discover the missing tooth is a baby tooth! Do you know more about teeth than the Squirrels do? You will by the end of this book!



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