VIDEO: DIY Felt Paper Airplane Mobile

Way back in 2007 when Prudent Baby was just a glimmer in our eye (we are so close that we actually share eyes, true story) I searched the internet, and every boutique in San Diego for a modern and adorable baby mobile. There wasn’t one, not one. So it makes me very happy to share this sweet little tutorial for a felt “paper airplane” mobile. These cute little planes are fun to make and look smart hanging from a few yardsticks above the crib or even in a modern office.

Since making this video last Fall, I noticed that my favorite mobile designer, Baby Jives, also has a fabric paper airplane mobile in her gorgeous shop. Now I’m not sure if I came up with this genius idea or my subconscious stole it,  but I know for a fact that hers is cuter! So if you are way more into buying than sewing, it happens, I must share her lovely version as well.

felt paper airplane mobile

Whether you make it or buy it, your baby will be lucky to gaze up at such a simple and carefree decoration! And if you like our video (and our invisible thread joke) be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a new video ever week!

felt paper airplane



Jahje Ives

I love this! If my airplane mobile was the subconscious inspiration I am honored since I am definitley mot the forst person to make a paper airplane 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout. You ladies are adorable together and I love to see you sewing, whose fabulous studio is that?


Well, you know that I love everything you do so there is a chance I saw it there first. I have no idea! This is from when Jaime and I shot a bunch of videos in her LA studio last October. It made me miss her, I need to get back there!

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[…] This fun mobile might look like it’s made from paper planes, but actually they are made from felt, which makes them twice as safe for hanging over a baby’s crib which you can do with some yardstick and some twisted wire that looks like the plane’s trajectory. […]


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