Watercolor Bubble Art

If there’s any blog I’ve been crushing on pretty consistently it’s Cakies. Rubyellen’s fashionable family, including 4 adorable daughters, always has my heart melting. I’d like to visit the colorful hotels they frequent, prance around the house in the flower paper crowns they make, and decorate my house with the cutest and easiest bunting ever, like they do. She is always coming up with fun art projects to keep kids busy like this Watercolor Bubble Art

Watercolor Bubble Art:

Another instant art project that will definitely be fun for the kids! I am thinking we may do another tomorrow, but this time just using black. I think a black bubble one would be a nice contrast hanging next to these colored ones. Just a word of caution though, do this outside with nothing around that you don’t mind getting a bit of color on. And when they’re done, your kids may just have a smidge of color splatter on their face too. It’s real cute!

If you do any on the instant art projects, just leave a link here as I would love to see it! See last week’s instant art project here.




Oh that is funny, I have done it the other way around with my girls. Use a shallow try/ container (we use take away containers) fill with same mix as yours or just wahing up liquid, water and paint. Use a straw to blow bubbles and put your paper over the bubbles. Will try yours right away in the garden, because for once this year it is not raining.


We have done this just like Christina mentioned–pressing the paper down on the bubbles my kids make with straws. But, I think we will be trying this method out too!since, I don’t have any liquid watercolors in my art stash, I’m going to stick with my washable tempra to color the bubbles. Awesome idea for our sunny day today!


I know this is supposed to be a kids’ project but this big kid will be indulging in bubble making, too!


Tried this today and I’m not sure what I did wrong but it didn’t work. After putting the watercolour paint in the bubble solution the bubbles wouldn’t blow anymore.

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