Watercolor Sno-cone Tutorial


In celebration of the first week of Summer vacation, here is a fun watercolor painting exercise for both kids and grown-ups, beginner or experienced artists. It’s easy and cute and a great way to practice color blending and wet-on-wet watercolor technique.


Read on for the easy instructions…IMG_2906

IMG_2912Very lightly with a pencil, draw a triangle with one curved edge. Draw a parallel line along the curved edge and close the lip of the paper cone with rounded edges.


Add curved stripes to the inside of the cone to make the cone appear round.

IMG_2915With a wet paintbrush, but no paint, paint alternating stripes with water all the way to the edges.


Load paint onto the brush and touch the tip into the wet sections of the stripes. Use the brush to move the paint to the edges of the shape. Try to leave some spots empty and the paint slightly uneven to highlight the beauty of the watercolors.

IMG_2921 IMG_2923

Now, with a clean, wet brush, freestyle a large “lump” for the sno-cone.


Fill the brush with pigment and drop the color into the wet circle by touching the tip of the brush to the paper.IMG_2926Move the paint towards the center with the brush, creating a curved edge. This will give roundness to your ice.      IMG_2932You can add multiple colors like we did here with orange and peach. You want to let the colors blend a little but not turn muddy. You can control this with the amount of water and paint that you use. IMG_2942 As a finishing touch, we splattered some drips of paint.IMG_2943This was a fun Summer art project. We hope that you try it and send us pics!




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