Welcome to Pretty Prudent: The New Prudent Baby!

You may have noticed a few changes around here this week. See that lovely new header, hand painted by my beautiful partner and BFF, Jacinda?

Pretty Prudent: The New Prudent Baby

Prudent Baby has grown so much over the last four years (four years!), and so have our kids. We will always offer the same inspiration, tutorials, and DIY instruction for families, it’s our passion, but as our families grow, so do our interests and yours too we’ve heard. As we add more travel, style, entertaining and home decor content to the site (and to our lives) it made sense for our name to say it all. Jacinda likes to joke that we “dropped the Baby” but that’s just not funny, or true, because we will always have a soft spot (see what we did there?) for the little nuggets.

Pretty Prudent Book Jacinda Boneau Jaime Morrison Curtis

You don’t have to be a mama to want to learn how to block print fabric, or How to Ice a Cake, How to Make a Succulent WreathHow to Build a Pallet Daybed, or How to Quilt a Plus Sign Throw Pillow, right?

Plus Sign Quilt Square

So we decided to update our name to Pretty Prudent, both on our site and for our upcoming book, Pretty Prudent Home!

We hope you’ll stick around and see what’s to come. Have no doubt that the delicious baby content will continue, just nestled sweetly between Summer’s Perfect Champagne Cocktail recipe and Amazing Girlfriend Getaways, because that’s exactly how life should be, right?

We are excited to see what’s to come and we hope you are too!




How beautiful and exciting! I love it, and you’re right you don’t need to be a mom to enjoy and learn from this wonderful blog!


Im not a mom and LOVE all of your fun projects, tips and tricks. Congrats on your evolution!

Shifrah Combiths

Very nice header and post on your evolving brand. I found ya’ll years ago when I was looking up projects for baby food jars and I’m still a big fan. Thanks for what you do and provide and inspire. (I wish I had started my blog around when I first found you; I could have. =( But anyway, I started almost a year ago and they say it’s never too late! =))


Congrats on your blog continuing to grow and evolve! I know it is an inspiration to many to be pretty and prudent so it is a very appropriate/clever name. I also love the new logo/header. Wish I could travel with you guys.


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