What Color Should I Paint This Mirror?

Ladies!  I picked up this awesome mirror at Goodwill for .99.  I’ve been looking for the perfect mirror for above the fireplace, Score!  But I can’t decide what color to paint it, or if I should paint it at all.

It’s hardwood and I kind of like the dirty bronze sheen, but up close, it’s a little grungy as you can see:

Our living room has a distinctive turquoise couch, so I’m not sure which way to go. White? Silver? Gold? Bright red? Mustard yellow?

If you really want to take this assignment seriously, there are a ton more photos of the living room in question on my Apartment Therapy Home Tour.

Please weigh in down in the comments. Your feedback could even win you this week’s best-comment prize, that Aleene’s Tacky Pack! XOXO




I vote orange. Tangerine. Looks like maybe that's what a window bench is also? Orange + Turquoise = Extra super fantastic.


First up: I love the freshness of your white walled living room! So refreshing.

Second up: Is there any real question? Red of course. It is (always) the perfect accent color particularly when it comes to a mirror. It breathes confidence, calm, and has an air of being carefree. Just the thing you need when you take that last glance at yourself as you dash out the door. Or just before you cozy up on the couch with your needlepoint or a good book.

Red. By all means, red.


All I saw was the title of the post and the mirror and I thought "It has to be red!" Maybe distress the red and have a white paint behind… But definitely go for red. White walls need bright colours.


If we are choosing from your list of colors, then mustard yellow would add just the right touch, but if I may add a unique opinion, I'd have to say that olive green, like the bowl on the top shelf of your left display, would be a perfect accent to the room. Red would be too bold, although that was my first instinct with the ABC book on your end table and the red pillow in your side chair. I think the olive green would perfectly compliment your style while also not drawing too much attention and leaving room for the eye to wander to the other unique features in your area. πŸ™‚

Miss Jillian

I was thinking mustard yellow ever before I scrolled all the way down and saw the photo of the actual room. I think bold mustard yellow would look great with that teal couch.


The very first thought that came to my head was "Yellow!" I think it would be a beautiful contrast against the white and teal in the room πŸ™‚

The Andelins

I vote for mustard yellow!! The walls are already light, so painting it white would make it disappear into the walls. You've already got a reddish/orangeish thing going on by the window… Plus, I am a big fan of mustard yellow right now. Good luck!!


Are the figurines in front of it dark blue? If so paint it to match. I love those pieces and painting the mirror to match would help them stand out more. It also looks like you have a chair that is about the same color. That would tie it in with the room.

The Mulvihills

I think you should paint it a color that compliments your upholstered bench. My vote would be a rich orange color–it would play off of some of your books on the bookshelves as well. AND if you don't love it, you can always add another coat of paint! πŸ™‚


I think you should paint it orange, to match that bench under the window. I think its orange! Whatever color it is, i love it!

Marianne & Clayton

A shiny marine navy blue. I can't believe I am the first one to suggest it. The aqua and peacock trend will be heading towards navy in about a year. Beat the trend. And as everyone knows, navy goes with everything.


How about none of the above. Go turquoise. Whenever I see rooms that look good, one of the things I notice is that there is repetition of color, and never just one thing of a color. That said, you have an awesome couch, but you need to repeat the color to make it looks like it belongs in the room. Just my two cents.



My vote is for orange. Sand just a little off to distress it and have a little bit of the brassy color come through. I think that would be great. Love your place…I wish my hubby would let me go wild with our house.


I think either orange or a lovely vintage turquoise. That couch is awesome and a mirror in the same color would really accentuate it.


I would go with either mustard yellow or a deep smokey gray…I LOVE gray in unexpected pieces like that…it'd be a super pretty non-neutral!

Jennifer Marie Land

So I'm totally in love with Mustard Yellow these days…its the color of my go too "I'm having a bad hair day" hat. I considered it for your frame but I'm gonna go with a bright cool red instead. You have a lot of mustard in your room right now and I thought the red would blend well but not make it look overdone which the orange could.

PS. I'm in love with the orange velvety pillow on the blue chair. Such fun colors!


I love red but I have to go with mustard yellow here – I am obsessed with yellow/gold lately & I think it would look great in this room. Gorgeous room! I love your Polish salt & pepper people too.


I have an oval mirror sitting around waiting to be painted too. I am planning on doing a bright lacquer red. I think it would go great in your living room.


Oh I love it as is! But if you were to change it, a very dark silvery grey would be cool, or a bright pop of color perhaps bright orange to match the other bright pops.


Stay with the gold. It might take away from the beauty of the frame if you paint it another color. A fresh coat would surely liven it up!

{ to be charmed }

Oh my gosh that couch is amazing! I'd have to go with Turquoise topped with a light coating of walnut stain to give it a slight distressed look. On a completely separate topic, where are the decorative pillows?! Hmmm, perhaps there will be a tutorial on decorative pillow around the corner?! πŸ˜‰


I sometimes go into paralysis when it comes to picking colors. I don't want to mess up and choose the "wrong" one (forgetting that I can always change it). So, this situation is no different (except it's not MINE). I'm feeling a little orange-y on this one.

Modern Survivor

I had a gold 1970's mirror that I have been thinking the same things about. I have mentally decided to try using black crackle paint over the gold so that the gold will peak through and I won't lose the character. Is crackle painting out? I think it would be spectacular!


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