What is a Serger? What does a Serger do?

What is a serger? What does a serger do?

Why, let me show you in all-new video format.

A serger is a type of sewing machine, with it you can sew your own stretch t-shirts and sweatpants as well as finish hems so your projects look super professional. This serging basics video will show you three of the basic stitches you can create with a serger: a three thread overlock, a rolled hem and a t-shirt hem.  It’s super easy, check it out (and ignore how messy my garage workspace is please).




is it wrong that the two exciting things i called out that you can make are a t-shirt and sweatpants? which i am also wearing in the video? sexy. lucky carleton curtis.

Amy H.

Oh how I love thy Serger! My Mom has one, and every 6 months or so we go get a huge stack of fabric, then go have a cloth napkin making session! Its so nice to restock on cloth napkins as the tend to get dingy. And make them for all seasons!


Anonymous (aka Mom) – don't be a hater because I used the term "Grannie Panties." I have complete respect for both Grannies and the so-named comfy underwear. PS. You're funny!


The grannie panties Jacinda gave me at my baby shower were the most useful gift I recieved. Did this commenter (your mom) sense sarcasm? Because we got nothin but love for grannies and their panties!


ugh. i'm torn between saving for a serger, or a dress form. it's one or the other for me for now, and i was sold on the dress form…until i saw this video.

i like the "video format". it's just easier to see, and understand certain tutorials in video. i never knew how they serged that hem on tee's.

mad love for the grannie panties! 🙂

Jenny Lynn

I love that it's in a video because I have been wanting to know exactly what it can do but hadn't really figured that out until I watched your video.

You said that you just started sewing 6 months ago. How did you learn? I've been sewing for about a year but only off and on. I still feel like I'm not as advanced as I would like to be. Any advice?

And Krista – Samster Mommy shows a tutorial on making your own duct tape dress form.
http://samstermommy.blogspot.com/2009/08/duct-tape-dress-form-tutorial.html Maybe that will help!


jenny lynn. ok so i have known how to use a sewing machine and sew a straight line for a long time. i've sewn with patterns before, but about six months ago i started really sewing every day (almost) and teaching myself construction. i make a lot of things that don't end up on this site because i have to try a technique until i get it right. it's all about practice and studying and of course enjoying it.


Jaime, I LOVE your site. I just stumbled across it on the OhDeeDoh site for the DIY crib sheet post and as a brand new sewer, I have learned so much from you already! This serger post is awesome because I still hadn't figured out exactly what they were good for, and now I know! Thank you so much and thank you for coming up with such creative and easy things to DIY!


I have 3 dead sewing machines picked up at sales and they keeep getting knocked off of timing. I picked up a great vintage singer tiffany blue but wondering if I should plunge the $100 on the old or just by a new one. I saw this vid and now I want a serger…..what r ur thoughts…


Is a serger the same as what we in the UK would call an overlocker? As far as I'm concerned, serge is a type of fabric!

I am extremely new to sewing, have been trying to learn for many many years but never managed. Finally bought a sewing machine this year and enrolled myself on a course last week. I've already made some personalised bunting for my daughter's room and came across your website when I joined mysewingcircle.com. I have many of your projects in my 'to do' list!


A little late to the comments on this one. While I prefer the written word, some things are just easier to show (esp. as they would take about 1000+ words to explain).

My only critique is it would be helpful if you could zoom in more on the stitching. I know this was your first video and I haven't watched many others, but it helps if I can truly see what you are showing.

thanks for the video! I will now try the serger a friend just gave me.


Hey! Well, I tried a blind hem (or the last hem) like you did- but I see little lines of thread on the "good" side of the fabric- I can't find in my manual how to adjust it so those lines go away. Any ideas? -anna
(I was using the left needle- maybe I'll try the right and see what happens!)


Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me something about this serger. I like Singer. My mom has a 20, or maybe 30 year old one, that still runs great, but I “cheated” the brand with a Brother sewing machine. Now I’m looking into buying a serger, a cheap one… and I read horrible reviews of this one, but great about a comparable Brother. I thought Singer would be the better of the two, but now I’m not sure. I also really like my Brother. How does it perform after two years?

Jean Kikuchi

Thank you for your serger video. That was exactly the information I needed to decide whether to buy a serger or not.


I love the video but I have been a professional in home seamstress for 4 years and have always just used a zig zag stitch on jersey or anything else that is stretchy, I have never once had a customer say anything fell apart or gathered when it shouldn’t have gathered.


I know this is an old post but great informative video . There is no better way to explain a serger than by a video


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