What Should I Make With These?

I’ve been having fun hand embroidering on top of fabric as of late. I’ve been working on these two ladies for a while, but I can’t decide what to make them into.

Any ideas? Let me tell you about them…

I gathered some thread and a needle and a hoop and all that jazz…

And this adorbs kokka treffle fabric I snagged at Fabricworm.

And went to town!

i was playing around with different stitches, like chain stitches (in green)…

I adore a bunch of french knots…

I tried out a satin padded stitch for a little depth.

I also gave them french knot eyeballs which I think are maybe a little creepy?

Anyhoo, these are my ladies as of now.

What do you think I should do with them? Coin purse? Frame ’em? Applique ’em onto something? Just keep going until I’m 85 years old and the whole yard is embroidered? Would love to hear your ideas, maybe I’ll do a tute…




I would either frame them, make small decorative pillows with a bunch of embroidered ladies, or make little plushies for gift giving. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


yes, red eyeballs are kind of creepy. maybe a bodice of an apron? or pot holders? The colors looks so kitcheny to me.

J Henderson

Cut them out and appliqué them to a pretty cotton or linen tea towel, or apron.

And yes, the eyes do come across as a bit off-putting.


I did the same thing with my Treffle fabric! I decoupaged my ladies onto 2 square canvases, and then hung them in my kitchen, where I get to see them every day. I love them!


I love them as is in the embroidery hoop! I love the walls of fabric filled embroidery hoops that are popping up in blogland. It would look so sweet in a little girl's room!


Adorable! It seems to late to appliqué it now but if you could pull off a reverse appliqué, they would be cute in a row with the flowers (appliquéd and embroidered too) scattered around; on either a little girl's jumper or a throw pillow. Especially since you could pair it with an assortment of bright colors in turtlenecks and buttons!


I think this fabric would make a cute messenger bag. Add some complimentary fabric/s… and it could be really unique.


It may be cute as a book or journal cover… or if you made a(n)(outside) liner for a box.


a quilt, a throw, a decorative pillow, or a solid color curtains with the ladies as the trim. No red eyes. I think the eyes look better with no embroidery at all even if they were another color.


You could maybe cover a door on a shabby chic pie cupboard for a conversation piece. Or upholster the back or seat of a little chair.


i love the googly eyes…. id turn it into a double sided softie… or funny little salt and pepper covers, so their standing on your table giving everyone googly eyes 🙂


Ha ha! The eyes don't bother me 🙂 I think they're really cute and so well done. AND, if you think about it, nesting dolls are kind of creepy anyways. Actually, I like the idea of putting them on a skirt as ppags suggested. I have a little girl that would looove it but I'm not saying I wouldn't wear a skirt like that myself.


oh my, I can't think of anything that someone hasn't already mentioned. You have some amazing people following you with awesome ideas! I definitely think that they are beautiful embroidered and that you should feature them some how. Have fun!


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