What to Get the Kiddos: A Holiday Gift List

While it’s highly likely your children have been pretty clear on what they are hoping to find under the tree this year (or near the menorah in my case), we thought we’d round up some gift ideas for the littles on your list. We start with our favorite books, then on to the most fun family games, followed by learning toys and activities that get our kids excited, and finally some clothing they might like to unwrap and wear. This is what we’ve been looking at this year, but we would love to know what your littles are getting in the comments! Get inspired by a bajillion suggestions after the jump…

Best Books for Kids 2015 A book is always a good bet for a gift. We’ve chosen some that have big gift impact (for their beauty and belovedness) and some our kids just asked for. Take a look…
The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A with 50 fact-filled maps! A big, beautiful educational journey across the U.S.
Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles These are beautiful, as well as fascinating, so good to gift to a young reader in your life.
Star Wars Doodles Gotta have some star wars on the list this year, and this would be good for an adult who is into the coloring trend as well.
Last Stop on Market Street Take a trip with a boy and his grandmother and see the world from a new perspective.
The Day the Crayons Came Home This book is just great. Thats all there is to it.
Frankly, Frannie Scarlet is obssessed with this series. They are easy first chapter books and pretty cute too.
Almost Everything Joelle Jolivet books never lose their fascination. Scarlet has had one and loved it for 5 years. The illustrations are lovely and the book makes a big impact as a gift.
Christmas to Color A holiday coloring book that is just beautiful.
And finally (not pictured) is perennial favorite (perfect stocking stuffer) Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids. Do NOT get the knock knock jokes one. Or if you do, don’t leave it in your car because you will spend every minute of every ride saying “Who’s there??” My daughter cannot get enough of these puns. I blame myself.

I think a fun game is one of the best gifts you can give, because it’s also a gift of your time and attention. Here are some games our families enjoy…
Tenzi Game Jacinda’s kids love this exciting game with lots of dice. I haven’t played it yet, but I trust her recommendation so I’m getting it for Scarlet.
Pictionary Team Relay Game Scarlet got this game for Hanukkah and loves it. We play as a family, so instead of teams we all get a chance to draw and guess. It’s such a blast.
Crazy Legs Board Game For kids with lots of energy to burn.
Press Here Game The game based on the awesome book. Great for the really littles.
Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Combinations! If you don’t have this one yet, it’s time to get it. It’s like cards against humanity but child appropriate lol. We’ve even had Scarlet’s Great Granny joining the fun!
Boggle Junior Game Wonderful if your child is competitive and also, needs help spelling. I might know something about this.

Learning Activities & Toys
I’m totally fine with toys that serve no inherent learning purpose (hello, Shopkins), but here are our favorites that add some education into the mix…
Makedo Cardboard Construction Kits: These are awesome sets of tool for the older kid that allow them to turn cardboard shipping boxes into useful stuff.
Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal My niece requested this. I was happy to oblige.
Crystal Growing: Saguaro Cactus This just looks cool. I want it.
Kids Leather Tool Belt It’s never too early to learn to respect your tools!
Geode Explorer Science Kit Crack open 7 amazing rocks and find crystals. I mean, I want to play with this too. Maybe I am just a 37 year old child.
4M Science on Your Palm Pocket Volcano Scarlet loves to make volcanoes. I am constantly running out of baking soda. This one is fun in the bath too, you can just stick a piece of bath fizzy in it and it makes an underwater volcano. This stocking stuffer will get a lot of play.
IDO3D Pen and Ink Up to 25 Projects Print System – 5 pens This has been on Scarlet’s christmas list since like July. I will let you know how it goes after she opens it.
The Seashell Collector Fun for the seashell aficionado in your home.
Not pictured is the amazing Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit. If they like science experiments and think boogers are wondrous, they will love this.

They may love getting new clothes or they may just need some cozy jammies to snuggle up in. Here’s some stuff our littles like this year…
Lands End Kids Suede Moc Slippers Not only are they the coziest and of Lands End long-lasting quality, you can get them with initial personalization to make the kids squeal with delight.
Gap Kids Sparkle Circle Skirt. Scarlet is not into clothes at all, and even she went nuts for this skirt, because it’s the first thing with sequins that is lined in such a way that it isn’t scratchy! Highly recommend, especially for sensitive kids who want to sparkle.
GapKids Intarsia slouchy sweater dress This is more for me, because I love it. I would like to see some holiday pictures of her looking like the tiny hipster she is in this dress.
And of course, Jacinda’s son Gordon in the boy version will make the perfect accompaniment: Intarsia Shawlneck Cardigan.
Almost every child wants a Minecraft t-shirt.
Minnetonka Double Fringe Bootie These are soooooo cuuuuuuuuute!
Baby Girls Boys Winter Hat Every baby needs this.

So those are our ideas for 2015. I’m really hot on the games right now. There’s nothing Scarlet loved more than sitting down with Carleton and I for a few rounds of pictionary on the first night of Hanukkah. This is her Christmas list. I think even with all this tempting stuff, she’s still got her heart in the right place. Scarlet's Christmas List 2015
I’m working on the pants.


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