Where do you find your quiet time?

I do a lot of work out in the desert. For years I dreaded the 2-hour drive out there. These days I look forward to it with great anticipation. Sweet, sweet silence. When did a long drive become my idea of luxurious alone time? Oh, wait, I remember…
And there’s nothing like coming home, rounding the corner on my pretty street, knowing there’s a little bean waiting to scream “MOMMY!!!” when i walk in the door.
Where do you find your moments of peace?




I was excited to drop the girls off at my SILs and go to the gyno today. Honestly. When did THAT happen? And I'm kinda looking forward to the same for the dentist tomorrow. no joke.


I agree with Morgan- what are those? I can't even go to the bathroom alone! We have four kids six and under, so it's hard. One is nursing, so she pretty much goes everywhere I go! But on those rare times when my hubby takes them all somewhere- even if its just to pick up a pizza (like they are right now) it is pure bliss. And what am i doing in my precious quite time right now? why, reading your blog! : )


The car ride is also my quiet time, although I'm addicted to NPR. So it's just me, my thoughts and Nina Totenberg and friends. I love the stories, hearing about things I just don't have time to consider in my busy life and, of course, realizing there is so much bigger than me going out out there. Puts whatever silly thing I am worrying about in perspective. Same with reading the newspaper, but that is less often a solitary thing for me.


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