Will You Marry Me?

Friday is my anniversary. Five lovely years of wedded semi-bliss to one Prudent Dad, Carleton Curtis (yes, I agree, he does have the greatest website of all time). I was discussing this with S, then a few short minutes later we were discussing what to bring to her end-of-summer-pre-school party, and somehow the idea of soft pretzel rings came about.

Pretty silly, but fun nonetheless. I like making soft pretzels for school events, because Scarlet goes to one of those schools where no sweets are allowed. A cupcake-free zone, if you will.

Soft pretzels are always a hit with kiddos, whatever shape you make them in, and they are not as hard as you think to concoct. Get the full scoop here: Prudent Baby Pretzels.

Wait what? You want to see a wedding pic? Oh, okay, if you insist…

the invite…

the love…

Carleton is taking me back to this lovely location for a picnic tomorrow. There is truly nothing I love more in life than a picnic, except for maybe he and Scarlet. Kisses ladies, see y’all on Monday.



April Benton

Happy Anniversary! wow … 5 years has gone by fast! I have to admit your wedding was one of the best and most beautiful weddings (aside from my own of course!) that i've ever been too! I even saved the invite it was so great! Hope you have a lovely day and I hope that Carleton does the 'Carlteon' for you! Cheers …

Happy in red

I'm getting married next Friday, so at the moment I am gushing over aaaaaaalllll happy anniversary stories (as I hope to have some too one day!!).

my location

Happy anniversary on your five lovely years of wedded semi-bliss with Carleton Curtis! I feel delighted reading about how you find joy in making soft pretzels for school events. Your wedding photos with Carleton are beautiful too!


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