Wilton Workshop: Behind the scenes (part 2)

As a geek-level lover of sugar arts, I was over-the-moon to get an invite to Wilton headquarters for buttercream and fondant lessons, a sneak-peek at new products, a behind-the-scenes tour and the baking supply tent sale of all tent sales. We are talking “things I must do before I die” level of excitement. Like I said… geek.

Want to see all the goodies?

First thing in the morning, we walked into a room filled with gorgeous cakes and sugar loveliness.

Tables were filled with beautiful creations.

And what seemed like every sprinkle (etc) that Wilton has ever made.

There was a whole buffet of decorating supplies all set out. We would find out later that this was for our cake competition. Wouldn’t cake decorating be even more fun if the supplies were all ready for you on a platter?

Then we found our seats and there was a giant Wilton goody bag and the brand-new 2012 Wilton Yearbook waiting for each of us! melt.

We got right down to work with a lesson in buttercream from Sandy Folsom, director of The Wilton School, who has traveled all over the world teaching cake decorating classes for over 25 years. She is an amazing teacher despite the distraction of her unruly students.

We learned rosettes and stars and a buffet of borders…

Go Jaime go!

Go Jacinda go!

Go pump Jacinda, go! Engorgement is not sexy no matter what face you make. Also, that face is not sexy. No, really, what is that face?


Adorbs new sugar butterfly wings from Wilton.

30 bloggers taking pictures at the same time is hilarious.

2 redic prudent mamas taking pictures of each other is “hilarious.”

Love these grass cupcake liners. So many uses!

Then we took a break and went for a little tour. Some of what we saw was so top secret that we couldn’t even take pictures! SO FUN! Here is a new way to use gum paste flowers on your table.

Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design, Steve Rocco, designs every cake for every Wilton publication. Here are his glasses perfectly positioned on one of his sketches. Evil cake genius!… can’t… resist… taking… photo…

I’m SO making these fancy house cookies this Christmas! LOVE!

And then we just walked down a random hall… yup, cakes literally line the halls.


Ironically, the delish dessert at lunch was frosting free. So we added our own, HA!

Then we got down to business with a fondant lesson!

Jaime and Alejandra show off their pretties!

Now it’s time for the big competition! Meet my team, Amy from She Wears Many Hats and Susan from She’s Becoming Doughmesstic. And GO!

We went classic. Love it!

Not too bad for 1 hour!

Then we headed to The Wilton School and saw the work of the masters… A little brush embroidery… They taught us how to do that… want to learn?

Quilted fondant! Next Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party, I’m totally doing that. HA!

Gum paste leaves. beautiful.


A trip to the test kitchen with a story about how Wilton creates cake molds. Cool.

And a few tasty treats!

And this is where Jaime mocks me for my love of sprinkles.

Thanks for showing us a great time Wilton! We are kidnapping Sandy. We will return her when we are cake decorating masters. Might be a while…



Mama Bear

YES! I want to learn that super cool basket weave design. I think I could engineer it but I'd like to see your steps, if you remember them. 🙂

Thanks for the look behind the scenes. Totally jealous.

Carrie C.

hmm.. So at first i thought the flowers were plastic…. seriously! WOW. I wish I could do that wonderful stuff. My hand is not very steady, when i decorate cookies or cakes it is kinda fun, i try to make them "Fancy" and then if I mess up, SCRAPE with a finger, frosting into my mouth, and start again. It is the way I was taught. The reason: you need that extra sugar to give you patience to start again! ha.! Very cool though. I would be interested on how you do the brush stroke one. it looks great! is it easy? i mean really easy?

Lucy @ Charm About You

This should come with a warning… I was drinking coffee and literally spat it out because I laughed out loud at the sexy face comments! 😉
Now I'm left wishing I had a slice of delicious cake to go with my coffee!


I would like to learn, but (and its a big one) I am no good with a steady hand. I can't even pipe my daughter's name (only 4 letters) on a cake without it going all wonky. Instead, I am going to invite myself over for the next party you have with a cake.


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