Winner: Simplicity Bias Tape Maker!

We told you how the lovely ladies over at Simplicity heard how much we LOVE their Bias Tape Maker and offered to give one away to one awesome Prudent Baby reader. To enter, we asked you to invent a magical machine to simplify your life and this is what we learned:

65% of Prudent Baby readers agree with me that folding laundry is a despicable chore.
15% of Prudent Baby readers want a self-cleaning house, a Jetson’s-style robot maid, or as one commenter put it, “a scullery maid from a princess movie” lol!
10% of Prudent Baby readers hate doing dishes and wish there were a machine to help.  Several of those readers realize this machine already exists and would just like to have one.
10% of Prudent Baby readers hate cutting out patterns and want only to sew pre-cut pieces of fabric together.
5% of Prudent Baby readers simply want a bias tape maker.
One Prudent Baby reader wishes there were a machine you could put food in and it would come out as dinner.  So do we my friend, so do we.

I wish we could be like Oprah and scream “EVERYONE GETS A BIAS TAPE MAKER!!!!” but alas we cannot.  So for now it’s SANDY A LA MODE GETS A BIAS TAPE MAKER!!!!”  Sandy, congrats!!

Now everyone else don’t be too sad because we have lots more giveaways of amazing things to come. Now go read our post How To Make Bias Tape and make some this weekend, because on Monday I’ll be sharing the free downloadable pattern and tutorial for this Beginner’s Bias Tape bag. And if you’re feeling like giving yourself a little present, go ahead and order your own Simplicity Bias Tape Maker.

And thanks again Simplicity!



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