Winner: Simplicity Deluxe Rotary Cutting & Embossing Machine!

To enter this giveaway we asked you what you would “go deluxe” on, and your answers were HYSTERICAL! Everyone wants a deluxe vacation, a deluxe laundry management system, a deluxe craft room, and a deluxe husband. Some of my favorite deluxe fantasies included a deluxe cup of coffee that never empties or spills; a deluxe pregnancy with no morning sickness, no stretch marks, pre-natal pills that don’t smell like rotten feet, perfect skin and an easy labor and birth; a new set of deluxe tatas; a baby who sleeps a deluxe amount of hours in a row at night; and one reader said “I would love to ‘deluxe’ this post baby a$$ into a smaller pair of jeans”, HA! For a good laugh, read through all the charming deluxe requests here.

So, the randomly selected winner is #210, Birdie of These Moments of Mine who said: Okay time for a deluxe massage! One hour minimum, strong hands and relaxing music. Ready, set, go…
Sounds heavenly Birdie! Use the Prudent Baby Contact Form to send us your address and we’ll send off your prize.

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