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I love Girl Scouts. I loved being a Girl Scout and I love sharing the scouting experience with Clare and Quinn. This past Friday, Quinn’s little Daisy troop hosted a visit from a Rocket Scientist who worked at NASA in the 1960’s when we landed on the moon. After an interactive presentation, he took us all outside to look at the moon and to watch the Space Station pass by. It. Was. Amazing.unicorn food swap world thinking day

Now THIS week, we are honoring World Thinking Day. On February 22 of each year, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 countries celebrate World Thinking Day (WTD)—that’s one BIG celebration!

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Every year for World Thinking Day, our service unit celebrates by holding an event where each troop presents all that they have learned about a previously assigned country (where there are Girl Scouts or Girl Guides) through costumes, posters, decorations, and, my favorite, SWAPS to represent the country’s culture.

unicorn food swap world thinking day

Last year we had Finland and Ireland and we made adorable felt ice skates with paperclip blades and pipe cleaner shamrocks. This year we have England and Scotland and we are making tiny soldiers and unicorn food. Yes, the official animal of Scotland is the magical unicorn. When you have the opportunity to incorporate unicorns in education of 6-year-olds, you don’t pass it up.

unicorn food swap world thinking day

To make our unicorn food, we mixed up a potion of oats and glitter and scooped a bit into 1.5″x1.5″ bags then we added a little label stapled over the top. Yes, it’s a bit of a rip-off of the reindeer food that one sprinkles on the lawn on Christmas eve but we are delighted regardless because UNICORNS!!!

I know that we have a lot of Girl Scout Mamas here. You were very opinionated when I wrote about sewing on Girl Scout badges. Are you celebrating World Thinking Day this week? Are you making swaps? Um, if you want to send us one, we will send you some Unicorn Food!! I am not kidding!



Want to hear more about how you can celebrate World Thinking Day as a troop or even just an individual?

The World Thinking Day 2016 theme is “Connect.”

This World Thinking Day, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides will explore and celebrate the connections that make life happier. The different kinds of connections you’ll be celebrating are:

Connect with me: If we don’t take the time to connect with ourselves and understand what we need to be happy and confident, we won’t be able to make the difference we want to make in other people’s lives.

Connect with friends: Connection is friendship and friendship is happiness. So what makes a good friend? Connect with someone you care about, make a new friend, and explore the relationships that matter to you.

Connect with the world: Look wider and see how you can make a difference in the places you care about. Get to know your community or a place in nature, then look wider still and connect with the amazing world of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Connect, share, and celebrate! Share your WTD 2016 adventure and connect with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.


If you are interested in getting involved in Girl Scouts, here is a good place to start!



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These swaps are adorable! We are doing Scotland this year! Do you have a template for these tags??? If you are able to email it to that would be fantabulous as our mtg is tomorrow and I’ve been so busy with work and cookie season!!

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