World’s Greatest Play Kitchen Revealed

Ladies, I’m sorry I’ve been remiss in not revealing where I got Scarlet’s Red Play Kitchen …everytime it shows up in a post I get a flood of emails wondering where I got it and how much it cost.  So here’s the scoop…

I researched all the play kitchens in the entire universe and I have to say it paid off.  This kitchen is compact yet has everything a child wants in a mini-kitchen including a microwave, sink, fridge, oven, cabinets and even a phone!  This is the single best toy Scarlet ever received, and she’s played with it since about 11 months and still plays with it every single day.

It’s made by KidKraft and costs less then $150.  I’m not gonna lie, my husband DID NOT ENJOY assembling it, but he did get an extreme sense of pride when it was complete.  GO GET IT HERE: KidKraft Red Vintage Kitchen And if you have one, or have thoughts on this or other Play Kitchens, please share with us in the comments!



B+C's Mom

After much of my own researching on play kitchens, I finally chose the IKEA "Duktig" play kitchen, which my daughter and I both LOVE!


I have a KidKraft kitchen for my girls, I got one that is multi-colored pastels (pink, blue, yellow, green, etc) to match their room. You know, because you MUST coordinate.

I DO love the red though!! If I could justify it, I'd buy one to sit in my real kitchen just because it would match! LOL


we were SO close to getting that one for Elie, it's so cute! We ended up going with the Educo Gourmet Chef kitchen because it was smaller (and bright green đŸ™‚ Kitchens are definitely the best toy for a toddler, hands down.


I too obsessed about which play kitchen to buy — and I ended up with this one from Leaps and Bounds:;=CrossSell&relatedProductId;=533863#tabs

It looks like it's unavailable now, but it really was PERFECT since we had to have the kitchen in the middle of our living room and I was set on NOT buying an ugly plastic thing that would totally interrupt our modern design sense…

Here are photos of it in our basement:

Our daughter Elliette loves it to pieces and everyday can't wait to go play "titchen"!


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