Yarn Bombing: Dallas’ Winspear Opera House Has Me ‘Hooked’

Like all of us with an eye for the crafty, I’ve been intrigued by yarn bombing over the past few years. There is something so whimsical and marvelously frivolous about putting all of that work into a piece of temporary art. It’s like cake decorating to me in a way. Making a moment in time magical with something beautiful. So I couldn’t help but take a ‘million’ pictures of the yarn-bombed grounds of the Winspear Opera House, an installation inspired by their latest production, Hair. It was just so happy and beautiful. Does this inspire you to ‘bomb’ something? Wouldn’t it be fun to crochet up a sweater for your front yard Oak? Or surprise a Fall birthday friend with a granny-squared mailbox? Maybe that half-finished afghan would be enough to cover your lawn flamingo? No surface is safe!

See my gallery of yarn-bomb photos…




Love the look of yarn versus organic!! I just wrote a post about this on my blog, too. I live in Frankfurt, Germany and over here (actually all over Europe) it's called Guerilla Knitting. It's so amazing to see statues of Goethe, Proust and other historical men & women with knitted bonnets on their head! Always gives me a smile.


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