Confessions of an Adhesive & Sealant Junkie

Maybe junkie isn’t the best word.  I just think that sticking stuff to other stuff feels good.  Why is that?  I don’t know.  I have tried many different adhesives and sealants in my day, and these are my faves that make up the contents of my shelf/crafting kit. There is nothing worse than being so ready to finish a project, then not having the right glue or spray, so I keep these in stock at all time.  Please if you have one I’ve overlooked or you think I need to try, share it in the comments!  Get the full low down on the Best Crafting Adhesives and Sealants after the jump…

World’s Best Crafty Adhesives and Sealants That Should Be In Your Kit
*in my humble opinion*

Aleene’s is one of those brands that you just know makes good stuff.  If you’re ever in doubt just get Aleene’s and you’ll be fine.  No, they don’t pay us to say things like that.  But if you work for Aleene’s and you want to send me a giant box of magical glues and sprays, please go right ahead.  The ones I can’t live without:

Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue, $1.72 for four ounces.  The fall back glue for when you don’t know what to use.  Super strong and it’s very useful that it is clear when your attention to detail is poor like mine.

Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray, $4.49.  Spray Adhesive is one of those things you don’t think you need until you use it, then you’re like, oh i should have always had this.  It allows you to glue paper to paper (or other non-pourous stuff) with no lumps and bumps, and dries almost instantly.  I like this one the best because you also have a few seconds to lift the item and re-position it before it dries.

Aleene’s Stop Fraying, $2.88 for four ounces. This is a white glue that dries clear that you use for fabric edges to keep them from fraying.  It is handy if you serge to place a dot where two stitch lines meet.  Also useful if you have a tiny hole in something and you want to keep it from getting bigger.  I also use it on the edges of cotton webbing (like when I made the replacement Doll Stroller seat).  It’s just a great thing to have if you sew.

Aleene’s Fabric Stiffening and Draping Liquid, $5.70.  This isn’t something you MUST HAVE but it’s pretty fun.  It hardens fabric, from a little hard to hard-as-a-rock depending on how you use it.  You can make firm bows and doily bowls and snowflakes, which make lovely gifts and cost so little.  Just a fun thing to have!

Best Test Rubber Cement – $7.19.  Honestly I just love this because it reminds me of being a kid in school and getting it on my fingers and peeling it off into a little ball.

And of course a Hot Glue Gun, $4.85.  I’ve had a super cheap mini one for over six years and it’s all I’ve ever needed – from little paper projects to my king size headboard.

Krylon Clear Polyurethane, $4.79. This sealer basically puts a plastic coating on top of whatever you spray it on.  It’s very thin but it protects your finished project from moisture and the elements.  I have noticed over time that it turns a slight shade of yellow, possibly only visible to me, but I have stopped using it for mod podge projects that are white or bright.  I think it is best for wood projects and things meant to go outdoors and get rained on, in which case it is invaluable.  I just picked up the can and it says “adds a warm luster” so I think that means “turns it slightly yellow” ha.

Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer, $7.02.  This is what I now use to seal all those Mod Podge coasters and vases and step stools any other decoupage project.  Dries quickly, easy to apply, keeps the moisture out and retains the original color.  If you decoupage you NEED THIS.  If you don’t use it your decoupaged items can suffer water damage, or worst of all, melt.
Mod Podge.  I’m not going to bore you by explaining why you need this again.  Just get some in glossy and matte and make some stuff!  Search “mod podge” in our search box for projects.
So, do you agree with my selections?  And what am i missing??




i know this was written a while ago, but I’m hoping you still check it, or that someone else will help me. I want to add images to the bottom of high heels, well the arch to be specific, so that when I walk or lift my shoe they will be visible. I might try painting an image, but i was also looking into pasting an image to the shoes but I don’t know what kind of sealant or varnish to use. I need something that is durable and will work on this kind of material. Any ideas?

Tasha McLean

Hi. Any suggestions for gluing glass to glass? I used a glue gun to attach colorful glass filler beads to glass candle holders and drinking glasses to design candle holders. A few beads have fallen off. Was told to switch to E6000 but takes FOREVER for each bead to set and they start to slide down the glass holder. Help!

roisin moore

im painting on wine glasses and I need a permanent glue spray for sealing would this spray glue do


Ideas for how to seal a picture made entirely of tiny rolled colored magazine papers? I want the colors to be protected and a little sun protection and water sealing would be great too. Thanks.


I have photocopies of handwritten recipes that I want to use in a scrapbook. What can I do to the copy paper recipes to seal them prior to mounting on scrapbook paper?
Thank you!

Betha Wyatt

I have been on internet all morning trying to find something to put on a (fairly good) plastic poncho. I thought maybe vinyl, permanent, waterproof stick-on lettering. But I would hate to use whatever I find, give the poncho as a gift, then later find out the letters came off first time it got wet. I sew a lot. Ninety % of what I do is sewing. So I would like to embroidery on ponchos. Of course, that will put holes in it. Is there a flexible waterproof permanent spray sealant I can use on that kind of plastic (100% PVC) to seal the embroidery? Thank you, Betha

Kim Stone

I’m trying to “glitterize” my yeti rambler, and was wonder what you recommend to seal it. I was going to see if I can find something that creates a smooth almost glass like seal. If anyone would know; you would!! Thanks!


I have a plastic water bottle that has stickers on it…. you can feel the edges of the stickers so I’d like to seal so I won’t have to worry about them peeling or ripping. Any suggestions on what product would work the best?

Christy lowe

So I painted some old ceramic canisters and love it but they smell! What can I seal them with so that they are food safe for flour, sugar and coffee creamer and won’t make the food smell and taste like a painted surface????


I have a question about sealers. What might I use to weather seal my art on a DIY hand-painted shelter sidewall? And its canopy. ..I just haven’t tackled that portion yet. Thank you!

Shanie Kae

Does acrylic sealant melt? I’ve been trying my hands at sharpie mugs and no matter what i do, after a few washes, the paint starts to come off a little at a time. I’ve seen a few posts that say to spray each mugs with 2 layers of acrylic sealant. but what i’m worried about is the sealant melting when you put hot tea or coffee in the mug.


I used Aleene’s original tacky glue to glue acrylic jewels onto paper (light and heavy duty paper). Any idea why the jewels won’t stay on well? They’re fine at first but the jewels came off with a simple peel. Help?


What sealer could I use on cardboard to use with food. I want to seal it so that the food greases don’t leak through and ruin it because I would like to use it again in the future.

Rhonda Magee

I am trying to make door hangers out of screen and am unable to get the paint to build up on the screen. I have tried a couple sealants prior to painting and haven’t found anything that works. Any suggestions?


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