My New Tattoo

I got a new tattoo! Is this controversial? I don’t know, but I love it and wanted to share it with you.

What do you think? My friend Alice, her world-renowned tattoo-artist husband Lewie Hess, and their 3-year-old son (Scarlet’s future husband) all came to visit a few months back, and they brought along all his fancy gear to give me my tattoo in our backyard. I took pictures of the process… wanna see? Don’t click “read more” if you are faint of heart…

the machinery…

clean and prepped…

i told lewie what i was envisioning, and he drew it out for me, nailing it on the first try!

there it is…

getting inky…

working away. i was surprised by how little it hurt. i remember it hurting worse.

halfway there…

another cute baby arrived…

scarlet LOVES it. she calls it a “stamp.”

all healed up.

I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but I am really happy with this. Though it was hard to get a pic of it for ya that wasn’t too revealing (it’s under my arm on my rib cage if you can’t tell), so i apologize for any side-boob that  might seem offensive. So, do any of you have tattoos celebrating your kiddos?




That's so awesome that you got your tattoo designed and done in the comfort of your own backyard! Love the design!
I don't have children, but I have 3 tattoos – one that represents my nuclear family. I want to add one for my niece into the piece (maybe a baby tiger??) and add an old sewing machine somewhere on my body.
Thanks for sharing your piece and experience with us!


I have 3 peas in a pod on my foot for my 3 beautiful boys. I am adding, "I am not my own. I belong soul, body, and mind to the Lord" to it in the near future! Never thought I would get one but I love it. My boys keep telling me,"Wow! That tatoo is really good! I can't believe it's lasted this long!" Hee!


I had my first son naturally with no epidural (I'm terrified of needles!!) and it was rough! 9 lbs, 4 oz and a large cranium! So when he was six months old, I took the plunge and overcame my fear of needles and had a butterfly tattooed on my back (where an epidural would have gone.) Every time I think about the butterfly on my back, I think about my baby boy and what I went through to get him. 🙂


Wow! I love it! I also have a tattoo honoring my child and my love of sewing! It is a sparrow with a needle in its beak. It looks as though the bird sewed a heart shaped scrap of fabric with my daughter's name (in my handwriting)on my skin. My daughter is almost 3 and recognizes her name now. Everytime she sees it, she points and yells out her name.


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