10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for YOU!


Hey, what’s up mamas? It’s Halloween week and maybe you’ve just finished preparing costumes for the littles and finally have 5 minutes to pull something together for yourself, Cinderella-style. Or perhaps you have been invited to chill with some grownups this weekend and need to come up with a costume fast. Here are 10 last-minute Halloween costumes we are loving for you. Most of them you can assemble with mostly what you have on hand and all without a pesky sewing machine, ha.

Haven’t had time to tweeze? Consider it a Halloween miracle and go with a fabulous Frida Kahlo look like Jaime did here (with her brows penciled in.) Add a shawl, jewelry, red lips and some silk flowers over parted hair.

last-minute halloween costume

Pull out your fave-beige and add some big doe-eyed makeup like this flirty Deer Costume by Hillary Gessner. You know that you have some Rudolph antlers in the dress-up bin.

last-minute halloween costume

Feeling truly… truly… truly outrageous? Jem and the Holograms costumes are going to be hot this Halloween. Pull out a pink dress, pink hair (wig or chalk) and Jem’s signature makeup and you will be a Halloween rock star…

stick figure costume last minute

Feeling not really outrageous at all? Wear all white with electrical tape accents and a paper plate mask for a stick figure costume from All for the Boys. Bonus? Cars will see you and your trick or treaters all the way down the block.

DIY no sew spider cape

Delia Creates makes last-minute look perfect with a DIY No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape.

windup doll costume last minute

Perfect your walk and turn any outfit in your closet into a DIY Wind-Up Doll Costume.

last minute t-shirt costume

Is it weird that I want to make one of these from Martha’s DIY Skeleton T-Shirt Pattern to wear year round?

last-minute halloween costume

You’ll be looking sweet when you turn a white top and red bottoms into Studio DIY’s Gumball Machine Costume.

last-minute halloween costume scarecrow

The good news is, you probably already own this outfit. The bad news is that now you will feel like a scarecrow when you wear it. Sorry. Might as well add some makeup and sunflowers and own the look with this Last Minute Scarecrow Costume from The Joy of Fashion.

last-minute halloween costume

Studio DIY does it again with her DIY Pineapple Costume. Different color dress? Pick any fruit and adjust your greenery.last-minute halloween costume superman

If you have a toddler, you have probably bought yourself a super hero t-shirt (mine is batman) just so he will think you are the coolest mom in the galaxy. Well you totally are, and new you can turn your superman-t in to an easy Clark Kent costume.


Still feeling like this is all too much work? If you don’t even want to get dressed, pin all the cat stuffed animals that your kid wont let you ditch to your bathrobe and hit candy trail. How do you like Me-Ow?




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