10 Tools/Supplies for Making Hair Clips

my niece Juliette. eee, the cuteness.

One of my favorite crafts is making hair clips for the girlies. They are so easy and at $8-$20 for a pretty clip at a boutique, very prudent to make on your own.

I’m going to be showing you how to make a bunch of different styles over the next weeks/month/year (we’ll see how it goes) so I thought I would give a little list of supplies for you to gather in preparation.

It’s probably stuff that you have around the house, if not, it’s all readily available.

Check out the list after the jump…

The basics:

1. Felt-
Wool (or wool blend) is best. The texture is beautiful. It is durable and cuts nicely. It’s hard to find pretty colors at the local fabric store but there are great resources online.
Felt Craft Studios
purlsoho.com I’ve actually bought from here, it’s beautiful, luxurious felt. Split some with a friend, you only need small pieces for clips.
Heather Bailey Online They also carry bamboo felt. Has anyone tried it?

If you have polyester felt around, that works too. It is readily available, brightly-colored and inexpensive. You are less likely to long to rub it against your face for an hour, but maybe that’s a good thing.

2. Clips- 
I use both styles listed below. Snap Clips make prettier barrettes and do not require any gluing but they are more time consuming to make and more difficult to put in baby’s hair. Both styles are available at your local Sally’s. Snap Clips are everywhere.
Metal Single Prong Clips or Alligator Clips
Snap Clips

3. Small Sharp Scissors-
I have a few good pair but often use my eyebrow scissors if they are handy (bad.)

4. Thread-
You are pretty safe with white thread as an accent stitch but feel free to mix it up. I will also use embroidery thread from time to time.

5. Needles-
Standard sewing needles and wide-eye needles (if using thicker embroidery thread)

6. Disappearing ink marker or a pencil

If you opt for Alligator clips over Snap clips, you will also need:
7. A glue gun-
There are under $3 options at Michael’s and jo-ann Fabrics. They work fine

8. 3/8″ ribbon-
in a variety of colors that compliment your felt. Michael’s (and sometimes Target $1 Spot) are good sources.

Additional tools and doo-dads that might come into play and are generally just fun to look at in a box-

9. Notions- 
Such as tiny buttons and pre-cut felt shapes designed for scrapbooking. I just snagged a bunch of snowflakes for $1 in the check-out section at jo-ann’s.

10. Templates-
Any cute templates that you might find and coins for tracing perfect circles.




Hey! That's not a bad idea to start a book on that. I've been searching for a book that teaches and give creative ideas on childrens' hairclips, i've seen some materials out there that are really cute and nice for kids. Plus, i'm sure it would be fun for mother's to hands-on making some. I'm looking forward to experiment with different types of materials.

It's unfortunate that i'm not currently living in the States but rather i'm only making 2 trips back to US in a year.

But i'm sure the tutorial here will be equally fun.


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