How to Make Grape Bunnies for Easter

My friends, you have to surprise your kids and learn how to make grape bunnies for Easter, or actually just surprise them with some tomorrow morning before school, they are that simple to make.

how to make grape bunnies for easter

You don’t even need to add marshmallow tails, except how cute are marshmallow tails? When our waitress at the Asian Buffet, I know, I know, don’t be jealous of how glamorous we are, brought a few of these to our table with our fortune cookies, we all went nuts for them. They are just so simple and adorable, and healthy.

how to make grape bunnies for easter how to make grape bunnies for easter

Read on for the simple instructions for how to make grape bunnies for Easter!

Start with some clean dry grapes, some mini marshmallows and your best small sharp to make grape bunnies for easter

  1. Take a grape and cut a small sliver off of one side.
  2. Cut one end of the sliver off.
  3. Cut a deep notch into the other end. This will be your bunny ears.
  4. From your bunny body (the large part of the grape) cut a small wedge at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Slide the bunny ears into the notch! how to make grape bunnies for easter
  6. For a finishing touch, if you are feeling extra, cut a mini marshmallow into fourths and use the sticky side of one piece to adhere it to the bunny’s buns.
how to make grape bunnies for easter

Make a whole bunny farm!

how to make grape bunnies for easter

Next I’m going to make some olive bunnies. Won’t they be so cute on bloody mary’s for Easter brunch? It’s going to be adorable and festive and delicious.

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Choking hazard. These are very cute but please, please, please don’t give them to kids.


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If you want to make a cute and creative Easter decoration, you can try making grape bunnies. It is easy to do, and it will be a great way for your family to bond. You can make these by using grape juice as the filling or by using slices of grapefruit for the same purpose.

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To make your own grape bunnies, you can use any type of grape jelly and any type of fabric, although cotton works best because it won’t stick to the skin;

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To create your own grape bunnies, you can use any sort of grape jelly and any fabric, however cotton works best because it does not adhere to the skin.!!


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