A little handmade + a little store bought = Perfect Gift

It’s the Monday before Christmas and I find myself quickly abandoning handmade gift plans and hitting the 2-day shipping button on Amazon (failure) but there is still time to incorporate a little personal touch in your gift-giving by pairing up a quick-n-easy hand-crafted gift with the ease of a store-bought item. In our December newsletter we featured a collection of these handmade/store-bought gift combos and you liked them so much that we decided to come up with a few more.

Buy a fancy cakelette pan & make an apron:

Fat Quarter Apron Tute

Buy a book & make a book cover:

Oil Cloth Book Cover Tute

Buy a doll & make it a blanket

Rag Edge Blanket Tute

Buy some paints & make an art smock:

Oilcloth Art Smock Tute

Buy a kettle & make an oven mitt:

Oven Mitt Pattern & Tute

Buy some jammies and make an Eye Mask

Minkee Eye Mask Tute

Buy some wine & make a wine bag:

Wine Bag Tute

Buy some glasses & make some coasters:

Mod Podge Coaster Tute

Buy some lux lotion & make a makeup bag:

Makeup bag tute

Buy a camera strap & make a strap cover:

Strap Cover Tute

Buy some crayons & make a crayon apron:

Crayon Apron Tute

Buy a t-shirt & make some pants:

How to Sew Pants Tute

Or go all out and buy a laptop & make a laptop sleeve:

Laptop Sleeve Tute

So brew some coffee (Dunkin Donuts, holla!) and get to work! You can relax by the fire next month! HA!




is it wrong that as a founding editor of prudent baby i bought all my gifts and am now making sugar cookies for no reason becuase you have me addicted? i think i'll go whip up a few wine bags for holiday parties this week!


Lol its not wrong at all! You were so busy writing this blog post you didn't have time to make your own gifts! But thanks for helping us make OUR own gifts! đŸ™‚


Just some advice when you click on that Amazon submit order button in a super hurry because you are running out of time, make sure you send it to the right address. I just found out that my order, which already shipped, is going to my old address! Needless to say I am kind of freaking out!

my mind's eye

I love this post, I love the laptop case… I just wrapped it up for a christmas gift, I'll have to send you a pic of how mine turned out! You are amazing!


You tempt me far too much – I never have enough time to make all this stuff! That wine bag tutorial is perfect! only a little too late. I'll so it for next year Christmas. I need to try those little pants for my daughter too.

Merry Christmas!


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